Does anyone feed corn all year?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by bentonman, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. bentonman

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    I am thinking about filling up my feeder and leaving it out all next year with it running just a few seconds a day. I have the solar panel so the battery shouldn't run down. Has anyone out there done this? If so does it seem to help attract and keep more deer in the area?
  2. Hog_54

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    I feed year round always have corn in my feeders

  3. Guitarzan

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    The coons will love you.
  4. ruger08

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    Iv been told that corn is more like a treat for the deer and is not good for them year round, but im not sure. I just put a mineral and salt block out and they keep em coming in in the off season.
  5. Hip

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    i was told this is why baiting was banned in jan or feb. corn does not give the deer enough nourishment
  6. sam

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    I call BS on all the talk about how bad corn is for deer, anytime of the year. I was born and raised in a feed mill, milked cows for 30 years and raised and fed out beef cattle my whole life, also majored in animal nutrition in college. Corn is a very good and high quality source of energy, it also runs about 8% protein, but you don't feed corn for protein, you feed it for the energy. Deer need energy year round, energy is the gas that runs their engine, it takes energy to use protein in their diet, it takes energy to do anything. A diet of 100% corn wouldn't be good, but supplementing with a little corn is the best and most cost effective way their is to give them an extra boost. All the talk is about protein, but it's easier for deer to get protein in nature than it is to get energy. All green leafy plants will have protein, young new growth will be the highest protein but very low in energy. Honeysuckle can run as high a 21% protein, for example. You can have all the protein in a diet they need, but without energy they can't use it and will starve. You want more protein, mow your food plots and weed patches to encourage new growth. Fertilizing honeysuckle, blackberry and weed patches is the cheapest way there is to get protein in the diets of deer. People talk like if you put out corn the deer aren't going to eat anything else, if your spinner feeder puts out a couple of pounds of corn each day for 5 to 20 deer in the area, they've got 23 1/2 hours to forage, they ain't going to stand there 24/7 and look up at the feeder. If they are, there ain't nothing else for them to eat anyway.

    I think most of the talk about how bad corn is starts from "experts" trying to sell you something that they sell and that costs a lot more and probably does a lot less.
  7. sam

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    Baiting in Jan and Feb was banned because it worked too well, had nothing to do with nourishment.

    RAZOR_DEER Well-Known Member

    We feed them until the natural food source becomes available again, usually around mid April, then dont start again until late Sept.
  9. TMHC

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    Finally...good answer!
  10. cuppedup

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  11. arkansasdave

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    I feed corn all year long. I figure it can only help. Seems like I hold more deer in my area since I started this practice a few years ago. It isn't illegal to feed corn all year as long as you don't hunt over it, right?
  12. JohnnieWalker

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    Makes sense to me. Sounds like this feller knows a thing or two.

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    It's banned from Feb 1-28, per the book, Hunting over Bait..........and I think sometime during turkey season, not sure about that, just read the February bit in the book yesterday looking something else up.

    I have fed sweet feed and Purina deer chow in throughs for most of the spring and summer and into the fall before with a corn feeder nearby........the deer would hit it hard sometimes and other times just nibble on it........
  14. hortonhunter

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    Same here, mineral licks and such during the summer
  15. ozark outdoorsman

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    Oh, so we must feed corn or the deer won't have energy, right? Bud, you might want to check into some of that info again.

    Guys, I know I'm in the minority, but deer do not need any of the nutrition from corn. They have lived since the beginning of earth without man feeding them. Anyone that says they are helping the herd by providing nutrition or energy by feeding corn are either severly misinformed or covering up why they are really feeding, greed! People want to see 15 or 20 deer per sitting, thats why they feed. They want to hoard all the deer they can. And fact is, thats not natural.

    Fact is mother nature can provide many, many times more nutrition than we can out of a feeder. We do need to help her out some, and Sam did make some good points there.

    But don't take my word for it, ask a wildlife biologist. The vast majority will tell you the same. You'll notice theres not a WMA in the state that feeds to give deer nutrition, but they do plant plots, burn, etc.

    Obviously, I do not run feeders myself for ethical and moral reasons. I want to hunt a wild animal, not cattle. I like honing in on a natural food source and having the possibility of seeing deer anytime of day. Not sit over a feeder the first and last bit of daylight everyday. Just me I guess. I know this may not be the popular thing to say, but its the truth.
  16. sam

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    hillbilly archer, I wasn't saying we have to feed corn or anything. What I was addressing was; does corn hurt them at certain times of year. I've heard this over ad over. Feeding is not a necessity, it's an option. I'm not saying you have to feed corn, I'm just saying if you're going to feed, you can feed corn without hurting them, anytime of the year and if you are going to feed something, corn is probably the most cost effective feed you can put out.
  17. KemperCamper

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    Listen to Sam. He knows what he's talking about

    Sam is correct.
  18. nwa_bowhunter

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    I try to turn my feeders down low and feed all year round (except Feb) to encourage deer to keep coming to my hunting lease.

    If you don't like feeding or don't think you should feed all year round (except Feb) than don't do it.