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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by rgwill, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. rgwill

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    Does anyone here see a pain mangement doctor?

    I need to find a new one and ain't having much luck. I think it's something fishy going on, but no one will say. My doctor of over two years told me to find another doctor because I won't take the spinal injections that he loves to do. They don't help me and they cost like $2500-$5000 per session and he wants to do them every month. I can't afford them and they don't help. He done this to alot of his patients because no one will see us that has been seeing him. Even my family doctor can't get no one to see me. My wife called one doctor and the nurse said they could see me in two weeks, but when she called back with the doctors records and refurral they say that aren't taking new patents. Between me and the family doctor we've called almost every doctor in the central AR area and no one will see this doctors patents? Sounds fishy huh? I'm not sure what to do because I can't not have my pain meds and the family doctors won't write them. I ran out for about two weeks and the pain and withdraws was a freaking nightmare. We finally got the old doctor to write one more precribtion, but they said don't call for anymore.
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    Call a lawyer if your pain is legit and you pay your bills. But if your pain is due to withdrawal from excessive pain med use, They may not want to add to a problem. I realize this sounds blunt but you asked. Most back issues can be solved now with surgery and physical therapy. I had a sister in law that died recently from pain med overdose. She was only 41.

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    I have had back surgery and it failed, made my pain worse. I have major spine problems along with other muscel and joint issues. I've been on pain meds for years and you can't just stop them without withdraws and the pain was unbearable. I take my precribed amount and thats all. If you knew anything about pain management you would know you ain't getting no extra.
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    I wasn't attacking you. And back surgery has changed in the last few years.
    There is a reason that someone won't give you more of the pain medicine you are wanting. I hope you find some kind of solution for your pain.
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    If you read my post you will see. He isn't making any money on me so he's not wanting to see me any more. He done this to many of people not just me. MY family doctor has other patents as well that is having the same issues. My pain management doctor wants to push those shots because he's making a ton of medicare and I won't take them. I took several and they didn't do any good for me. This doctor has evenwanted to put one of those pain pumps in my back and i'm just not ready to go to that extreme. As long as I take my pain meds daily as precribed I manage my pain fairly well. I still am not able to do alot or they don't work, but on the most part they do. My first back surgery cost over $110,000.00 I can't afford many of them. No I didn't have to pay all that but a big part of it.
  6. I have been told of a clinic in LR that is supposed to be good.
    I am in the process of looking into a pain management clinic. I am also looking into surgery for my neck.
    I have always had bad tension and migraines in my neck and the spurs and one broken off the spine don't help.
    I always am amazed at people that don't understand what constant pain is like yakking about how meds are bad.
    It's a choice relief or live in pain.......I will promise anyone you do NOT want to know me when I really hurt.......I am a dangerous man!!!!!
    I have lived with a bad gall bladder and pain that was aweful.....when it ruptured it was unbearable......after that I refuse to hurt.
    Anyway.......if I find out anything I will let you know.
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    Thanks man for understanding...finally someone....

    I have lived in chronic pain for 30 years. I worked untill I couldn't handle it anymore which was about 5 years ago. I hurt 24/7, never a day without pain. Even the days I feel good I still hurt some where. Most days if I take my meds I can live with it, but it's still there. It works on your mind being in contant pain. I haven't fished or hunted in 4 years now. I get my hunting experiance off this site.
  8. Hey I understand...... I hurt most of the time but mild meds can give some relief.I don't have a choice in the work aspect.
    The stress really makes it worse because of the neck area and already having muscle tension issues.
    It always seem that people think you are seeking drugs for pleasure when you complain of pain.
    Last year I fractured my collar bone and lived with it for over a week.......I let these idiots opinions get to me and keep me from going to the Dr....I don't know why but I did......I went and even got a feeling like they thought I was faking.......x-rays don't lie!!!!! Cracked!!!!!
    Not lying not faking!!!!!!!!!
    So for all the boneheads that want to preach about drug abuse and make claims that people just want drugs when they are really hurting .......shove it where the sun don't shine and choke on it!!!!!!
    I don't give a rats :censored: about your opinion......may you experience the same pain !!!!!!!!!!

    There that feels better all ready!!!!!!!
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    Indian doc in rosebud he can tell you what's wrong just by looking at you and seeing how you walk
    Try him
  10. :head:
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    Heard about that guy up at Rosebud. Herbal and natural medicine guru I think. Have both praises of folks he has help but have also heard some that didn't have as much luck. Know one fellow that was on the verge of having to start kidney dialases & went to see him. This guy put him on some kinda treatment made up of things found in nature and his kidney issues got so much better he avoided having to do the treatments. Matter of fact he is doing so good that the medical doctors he was seeing have shown great interest in the treatment he was given. I have allways said that God put a cure on this earth for everything that ailes man, if we are smart enough to just find it.
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    I understand how you feel.I have had chronic pain for 15 yrs plus, all the dr says is " your to young for chronic pain " . I finally just quit going to doctors , haven't found one yet that will not drag you out before they finally actually try and help. Seems like most of them just want to bleed you and your insurance dry. I personally can't take narco meds , they make me so spaced out I don't know which way is up. I have learned to deal with it for the most part , but there are days I sit in the truck and cry cause I hurt so bad. I do so work for a pain management doc that works at UAMS , he has told me to come and see him , but I've never have went. Hope you find a good one that helps