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If you carry a fanny/dapack what do you carry in it?

I carry a water bottle, compass, knife, pack saw, pruiners(sometimes)
small head light, poncho/tarp combo, gps(some times), fire steel, cotton balls,
and a small first aid kit.

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Duck hunting I carry a blind bag that has snacks, raincoat, sodas, shell etc. Deer hunting I like to be mobil and I use one of those small bags on a shoulder strap that I got free for subscribing to Outdoor Life. I carry some extra ammo, soda, bottle of water, lunch, compass, tp, cell phone etc.
A friend that I hunt with almost has to hire porters to carry all the stuff that he takes on a hunting trip.

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I carry a day pack that has a water bottle, rope, wyoming saw, knife, extra compass, knife sharpner, lunch, game bag, flashlight, hand warmers, cell phone (turned off), candle, water proof matches,map of area. This is what I usually take when I am elk hunting.

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Bottle of water, folding knife, rope, small flashlight, candy bars, small binocs, AWP, sharpener, compass, calls and a few other odds and ends that I can't think of right now.

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When bow hunting, I use a fanny pack containing the following items (I'm going by memory):
  • my release
  • arm guard
  • tag line
  • folding knife
  • wind checking powder
  • face mask
  • light gloves
  • grunt call
  • bleat can
  • rattle bag (don't know why)
  • toilet paper (serves multiple purposes)
  • GPS
  • compass
  • flashlight
  • headlamp
  • pruning shears
  • folding saw
  • ink pen
  • reading glasses (yes, I'm an OF)
  • 3 or 4 small screw-in hooks
  • range finder
  • probably a few other items I can't think of right now
Believe it or not, all this stuff fits in a medium-sized fanny pack. I carry a lot less stuff when I'm gun hunting.

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I also use a backpack,
bullets(if modern gun)
extra knife
small saw
little notepad
digital camera
waterproof disposable camera
rangefinder (if Im hunting a new place)
calls (the can, grunt call, rattle bag)
topo and aerial Maps
i also carry medical gloves
LED headlamp
small mag light
Energy Bars
compressed rainsuit (wallyworld $10 bucks)
guide and regulation book
various scent stuff
oddly enough mine fits into a backpack like a kid would take to school with plenty of room to spair. I usually just hang it left open from a screw in hook, even thought i probably only hunt 150-200 yards from where i park my truck, i like to venture out during midday if i stay all day.

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Piss bottle
grunt call (2)
can call
2 knives
trail marker
toilet paper
folding saw
zip ties
cell phone
bottle water
pruning shears
safty belt full body
2 flash lights
tourch lighter
head net
hand and foot warmes if cold
small note book
map of area Im hunting

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A few folks listed it, but dont forget the pen!!!
I heard a story about someone getting a citation for hunting without one. You cant properly tag your game without it.
The Colorado Tag requires you to notch out the sex, month and day of your kill with your knife. You need to do that immediately after your kill. You can sign your name with the end of a lead bullet but a pen does make it better. You do not need to attach it to the carcass until after you have moved it to your camp or vehicle. You would need to carry some string or wire ties with you so that is something else to add to the list.

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Usually carry a daypack.......

Morning paper
surgical gloves
spare gloves
spare head cove or bacclava(head cover)
bic lighter
fire starting material
short rope
zip ties
deer drags.....short pieces of broom handle with rope on them for dragging one out
gps..if in unknown territory
GI Poncho
spare socks
2 flashlights with extra batteries
water bottle & usually a soda
cell phone (turned off) and or a radio with the weather freqs
small first aid items-pain pills/aspirin/antacid etc
deer calls/scents

and most important for me..snacks/with chocolate....being diabetic these have come in handy when my sugar crashes!!!!

I may carry too much, but I have been in a near survival situation and have spent the night in the woods.....with a friend that broke an ankle in a stump hole!!!!!! Got dark on us and we were in unfamiliar territory, so we found semi-shelter and built a fire and waited till daylight........turns out we were only about 150yds from the truck:smack: :thumb: this was long before GPS was available to the general public.........
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