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  1. I have a pit that I've used catching hogs for yrs. He'll be 8 yrs old July first. He broke out of my back yard so i had to put him on a chain till i could fix it... 3 days on the chain and he started acting really funny. Drooling out his right side and his head is cocked sideways to the right. He tries to run but he almost falls like his right leg don't work. I originally thought he might have something wrong with his ear that was throwing off his equilibrium. But today i noticed when he opens his mouth his right upper lip don't move... i sure hope it's not a stroke but it sure resembles one.
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    I had an English pointer that the vet said had a stroke. Went to bed one night and the dog was fine when I fed her. Woke up the next morning and she couldn't hear or see. She was nine years old. Had to have her put down.
  4. I know...... I'm pretty upset about it... i sure hope it ain't.
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    It would be a good idea to have your vet check him over. It could be a stroke, but it could be something else that's treatable. Do your best not to buy trouble before you know you have it.
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    We had one several years ago that had those symptoms. She was 17 years old and we had to put her down.
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    Our 14 year old golden retriever had a stroke. Exact symptoms of humans, dropping left side of face, got mean, etc
  8. He's not mean at all if anything he's unusually timid
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    He could be dealing with vestibular disease. It can look a lot like a stroke with the head tilt, ataxia and everything you describe. It looks a lot like a stroke but is treatable. A visit to the vet is definitely what he needs.
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    What have you learned? How is Bandit doing?
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    Dogs also get diabetes like humans, I know of one dog that has lost her eyesight from diabetes.
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    I know this thread is old but I had a beagle once that had a stroke. Long story so prepare yourself...LOL Woke up one morning to find her fighting to stand up but would fall immediately time and time again like she had a magnet on her left side and the ground was metal. She would lay with her head up and it would dance up and down like a person with Parkinson's; hold her head still and her eyes danced back and forth side to side.

    Took her to the vet; he verified she had had one. He didn't think she would live but wanted to keep her a few days. Called a couple days later and said that she had pulled through, but he didn't think she would ever be able to run a rabbit again. I was upset because at the time she was 10 yrs old and was still the leader of my pack; everything I had in my kennel had come from her and had been trained by her.

    Anyway, I decided to just retire her and let her live out her days in the kennel. Only one problem with that...SHE WAS NOT HAVING IT!!! When I would go out to load up the other dogs she would just cry and cry and cry, and my x-wife would say she would cry and howl the entire time I was gone even it is was all day! So I just couldn't stand it because I felt like I owed her too much; I just decided to take her and if she died then at least she died doing what she loved. This was before shock collars, so I went and bought her a bell so that I could always hear her and I took her until she died at 13 (and could still hammer one at 13 too for half day hunts!!).
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