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Discussion in 'Trapping' started by Doekila, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Doekila

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    I know this may sound like a simple fix question, but I was wondering if some of you guys with some experience could help me. On more than one occasion I have had tracks in my dirt hole set, if I set my trap to the right or left of the hole seems the critters walk in on the other side. I don't have enough traps to double set them. Does anybody have any tricks they might wanna share with a fellow trapper? I'd appreciate any advice.
  2. REM870

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    Put some brush on the other side. A log has also worked before

  3. d.bobo

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    Use your dirt to make him step on the pan by making it taller around the edges with a lower flat even spot right over the peddle .
  4. geslayton

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    You can gently guide a coyotes foot onto your trap. I dig my holes deep enough that they can't get the bait out without working from the front and at an angle that they can't see without walking up to the set. I also usually put a small stick or a couple rocks on at least one side to help keep them from trying to work from the side.
  5. fisherman

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    I set my traps center of the hole, not what most experts say but works well for me.
    The tracks I see where critters walk in the soft ground are one in frount of the other not side by side.
  6. OuachitaMtnMan

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    This is what I do. I take a couple of small to medium sticks and make a V shape with the inside edges of the V dang near touching the outer edges of where my trap is, funneling the critter where I want him to go.
  7. NaturalStateNative

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    I'm not a pro by any means, but I was having the same issue as I was learning how to fine tune my sets. I started using dirt clods on the side I wanted him to stay off of, even right next to the pan and on top of the jaws. The dirt clods will desintegrate when the trap goes off so no worries with it keeping your trap from closing completely. It has worked well for me
  8. hogfan1

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    A good deep angled dirt hole plus a small mouse hole with a different smell might make them shuffle their feet a little. On James Lords bobcat video he likes to make up to three holes. One in the middle plus two smaller ones on either side. All the holes have a different smell. The idea is to get them to move their feet investigating the other smells. I'm not a pro. Ive only caught a few coyotes. Just an idea.
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    Doekila: where are you located in south central Arkansas
  10. Doekila

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    Around Gurdon
  11. gregh

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    I will be up around Presscott tomorrow morning. Might could help you out if you are interested.
  12. varmit_master

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    I like to use a rock as a back stop dig the hole in the middle of the rock at an angle like a deep hole. Like to bed the trap 5 to 7 inchs back and to one side and cross stake it. Bed my trap down where it wont move. I use peat moss cover trap and put a light cover of dirt over trap. Take some bait and put in back of hole. Put leaves in hole so he can't see bait for catching a predator eyes use cotton balls and put in hole. Turn rock over put 2 different lures one each on each side of hole put a shot of red fox or cat p on rock make sure trap is lower than ground use small sticks as stepping guides. Put the extra dirt to one side behind trap in a pile looks like some thing dug the hole.
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