Digging Ginseng Out of Season Penalty????

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by WBH, May 5, 2012.

  1. WBH

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    My father-n-law and i wherer talking about this the other day. He loves to hunt it and we know season does not open until September 1 and all the laws about how and what to dig. I know the laws are set by the plant board, but my question is who enforces the laws. I assume it would be game wardens, and what is the penalty for digging out of season.

    Anyone had any experience with this or know someone who has?

    Saturday morning and i guess im bored:head:
  2. CDay

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    I did not know that Arkansas had season on it. I know most states up north do and the laws/seasons on ginseng are decided and enforced by the states wildlife agency. In fact the seasons and regulations are in the hunting season handbooks and on their website.

  3. Lonnie

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    Is Ginseng a game animal now?
  4. n2deer

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  5. niterage272

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    ok im lost,lol what is ginseng? whats it for? whats it look like? and why would it have a season?
  6. TurkeyHussy

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    Ginseng is a plant that grows wild. It is use in making of medicine. It takes a bread sack of the root ( which has to be dried) to make a pound. ( at least this is what I remember from 30 years ago.
  7. Saltydog

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    and last year, in TN... it was bringing 112 dollars a pound green and around $400 a pound dried :biggrin:
    Not too bad for a walk in the woods...
  8. BIG JIM

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    I would think the forest service would be the one who enforces the laws if it's on national forest.
  9. hunter_3780

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    two or three years ago it hit $1200 a pound. :eek:
  10. CDay

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    I use to dig alot of it back when I was a kid up Indiana. You have to get a eye for it, except for when it turns golden before dying every year. But green and no red berries it blends in with everything.
  11. stealthycat

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    too many people dig the young plants - my Dad use to dig it, and he would only dig the older plants and he would always bury the seeds too .......

    like any resource, stupid people will kill it to extinction unless its regulated :(
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    4 pronger

    This one is cooking along ok & has a seed head starting

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  13. thompson

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    Guys, I learn something every day.....:shrug: I had no idea this was in ARK.
  14. n2deer

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    Nope it is the green pants that enforce the laws. I have a good friend that made 17k last year on sing but he hunted sun up to sun down for months.
  15. Ruger

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    Ok, who buys this? Do you have to have a license to sell it?
  16. n2deer

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    There are brokers that come to little rock every year to buy, I don't know the exact dates. I will call my friend tomorrow and get you all the info you need. Please guys before you go out and start picking study up and ALWAYS plant the berries back, it is good for the Forrest and it will be another picking for you down the road.
  17. TurkeyHussy

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    What part of IN ? I use to find them out pass the Airport in Bloomington.
  18. RL

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    I know at one time you could buy a permit to dig it on the national forest and and there was a season if you are on your own land you can dig it when you want to but it is best to wait until the seeds get ripe and turn blood red to replant them alot of people buy seed and plant it on there land but seeds are over 100 bucks for a pound
  19. WBH

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