Different looking deer

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by bett_lou, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. bett_lou

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    My daughter and her boyfriend invited our cousin and his girlfriend to come and hunt. Amy shot this 8 point. The biggest for her so far. But look at the black on his face. I think it is the coolest looking deer ever.

  2. turkeyhunter

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    Bett, will you be my girl friend? I won't tell my wife.........:wink: :thumb:

  3. bett_lou

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    Turkeyhunter, my boyfriend made me pass up that buck daugher's boyfriend shot because he had seen one bigger than that at the same stand. They got a pettin zoo.
  4. fredbearbowhunter

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    Might be a fella that was in his prime. I've seen a few in Louisiana like that.
  5. bett_lou

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    I've never seen one like this in my whole life.
  6. Gary R

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    See Bett, that's what happens when you let the Arkansas boys come down here and hunt. They go out and get a hoss, and think it is so easy. Let them go a month without seeing any deer and see what they say. I would have let the lead fly.........
  7. jjarvis0007

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    My friends and I camp in the Ouachita Mtns near lake Winona and we actually saw a few deer that had that black on their face on opening morning.
  8. Manybeards

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    Congrats to the young lady :thumb: I think that dark color is contributed to a high amount of melinism (not sure how to spell it).
  9. Down on the White

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    Congrats to the young lady.:wink: