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diamond plate dog box/for rabbit dogs

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im lookin to trade a full size diamond plate dog box for for a couple of female rabbit dogs the dogs need to be able to run there ownn rabbit and pack up i dont care if they have papers or not just want some that will get the job done if u just have one dog that will get it done but has to be female give me a call 1478-883-7735

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here are some picture of the box


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you wont to sale it or just trade if you wont to sale what would you wont cash
Man I don't have any females but I have some nice males
um i havt to think about it i have room with my females is the reason im wantin em have these males been huntin this season and had rabbits shot in front of em im wantin some dogs that will get after one
Yes they been hunted Alot we have killed around a hundred this year so far and u can come go with then anytime u want
can u send me some pics of them my number is 479-883-7735 or on here and were are u located thanks
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