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  1. quackandmild

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    Any of y’all have dexter cattle? We are looking at getting a few head and these seem to fit what we are looking for as acre per head, maintenance, and can’t add weight vs meat return weight..
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    I don’t have any dexter.

    What are your goals or purpose for owning cattle?

  3. jackie53

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    Hope I never own a Cow or Horse again..
    If n I do shoot me!!! Please get me outa my misery!!! Folks that enjoy it..More power to ya....Was up to 100 head....NEVER AGAIN!!!
  4. quackandmild

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    Mostly personal use/ hobby farm, and maybe sell to friends or family who want to buy a whole or half beef. Not trying to be a full blown cattle farmer at the moment.
  5. quackandmild

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    Raising cattle is all the majority of my in-laws have ever done. One half of the family grew up working a large dairy operation and then switched over to beef cows. The wife’s great uncle runs about 300 or so momma cows for a living and he said it is much less work than the dairy he grew up on. I’m not looking to get that far into it! Lol
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    Totally my opinion and we all know what they are worth......

    Me and the wife thought about buying a dexter or two.....just like you for a hobby (grandkids something to do)/sell a calf or two.....

    After thinking it over.....we decided we could buy 2 cows for 750 to 1000 dollars all in.....have to wait....feed and house......for 9 months before your first calf (return on investment) hits the the earliest.....another 6 months for beef.....

    We settled on goats.....that same 750 to 1000....will buy 7-10 goats.....that drop babies in 5 months and usually 2 or more at a time....then sell at 4-5 months old....

    Space and time played a big role in our decision....

    Just something to think about......
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  7. DonniePowell

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    I figure any job is easier than a dairy farm. Those people work their butts off.
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  8. Onetrakd

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    The money is in backgrounding calves.

    If you got good fence and grass.
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  9. jackie53

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    Gotta have land..,Equipment, fuel to run Equipment..And someone to work on and use Equipment..
    Better have lots of money.....

    I like Trees...Tree farmer..No watering Feeding, maintenance..improved Oaks ,
    Improved Pine..Ready to harvest in 5 years.....

    Plant,Let grow..keep fire out..Select cut every 5 years.....Lot easier.......
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  11. gsb77

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    So you're telling me that you have trees to sell 5 years after planting?
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  12. Onetrakd

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    He is in charge of Charlie Browns Christmas tree farm...
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    You want some?
  14. jackie53

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    Really Missed you!!!
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  15. I’ve had dexters. Sold them and went with miniature Herefords and black angus instead. Feel free to pm me if you would like
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