Den Tree Stands and Feeders

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    Let me say I don't represent this company in anyway and I don't get anything for any sells. This is just me telling hunters about a product that I have used over the years and find them to be excellent products. First off I like to use products that are made in the US and really like to use products made in Arkansas. Supporting folks in our own area if the product is good is a win win. It helps a state resident and helps me in my hunting.

    So lets get in the review. These products are made from a NEA gentleman with the company called Den Tree. I have used the feeders for about 5 years now. Back five years ago I research feeders to find something that fit my needs. I didn't want a feeder that you had to climb up a ladder to fill. I wanted a cage that coons could not reach the spinner and spin 50 lbs of corn out in one night. I wanted a feeder that a hog couldn't tip over or crush the cage. I wanted a feeder that held enough corn to last 2-3 months depending on amount thrown out. I wanted a feeder I could easily clean out for turkey season. I also wanted a feeder that I could move around by myself.

    After looking at several Texas made feeders I found several in that state that fit the bill, but getting them up here in Arkansas was going to be expensive. That's when I happen to find these feeders. I had seen a couple of these feeders at a farm equipment business outside Jonesboro. I looked them over and thought I would give them a try.

    The biggest thing I can say about these feeders is they hold up quite well. Hogs cannot get to these feeders. Coons will try to reach but they can't reach the spinner so you don't lose any corn. They are easy to load and hold 600 lbs and couple that with a solar panel that is located inside the cage and battery life will last up to 3 years. I set mine for about 10 secs which is enough to feed and keep deer coming back, but I get about 3 months between loading up feeder again. So for those places you hunt that you don't want to continually go in and check feeder on corn this feeder is good. It has two panels on top that you fill feeder up with and they come completely off with latches. The bottom cage on one side unlatches to adjust feeder times or days and then to clean out, the other side unlatches and the whole bottom comes out to clean out.

    I am very pleased with this feeder. It holds up to the weather and I've had no mildew problems at all. The cost on these are around $450. The control mod for these are the sundancer unit. After going through several other units and cubersome containers that didn't hold up, I have found this product to be well worth the cost over the long haul. IMG_0768.jpg IMG_0258 - Copy (2).jpg IMG_6840.jpg
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    As low as they are, I am surprised the hogs don't tear that bottom screen off and get to the feeder mechanism. I have had hogs tear the feeder mechanism off a feeder, rip it open, and eat the gel out of a six volt battery. Good, solid looking feeder.:up:

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    On the stands, I have only one year of use with this stand. There was a couple of things I wanted in a stand blind. One I wanted it to be sealed tight to hold all scent. I know there are several makers out there that have tight sealed blinds and I know they are very high quality blinds. Some are a little bit heavy and would take 2-4 people to put up. Not always having that amount of people to help, I wanted something that maybe two people could set up. The windows are always key in sealing a blind. If you look at some of the products on the market the windows are rubber sealed up. Unlatching that window quietly is key. You don't want to make any noise at all on those quiet cold January mornings when things are froze solid. There are several good stands out there on the market that fit what I wanted, but the only thing that held me back was plain and simple cost. I didn't want to break the bank on one stand. I know cost is relative, but if I could find a stand for half the price and fit what I wanted in a stand then that was a win win also. So I purchased one of these Den Tree stands. I got the 4 by 5 to fit two people and they are plenty comfortable for two. I hunted out of it this last year and killed a deer with my crossbow. The windows are big enough for crossbows and they make a vertical bow stand as well. The biggest thing about these stands is they are sealed tight, carpeted walls and floor and I have a shelf which can hold water, food and accessories. The whole thing can be set up with one person, so if I wanted to move it, I could. Two people would probably be ideal depending on your health and lifting capabilities. The blind itself can be taken apart if you had a tight area to get into, or if a limb crushed the top you can purchase a new roof and not have to replace the whole blind. The windows are placed good for most seats, I have adjustable swivel seats in mine so I have had no problem with sight adjustment. It anchors down easy and is solid with the ground. The think the walls are aluminum for long lasting and coated with a good OD green. I have had no leaks whatsoever in mine and hunting in 20 mph wind is like sitting inside your house. No whistling wind or drafts, its sealed tight. The cost for mine was $1495 tax and all. For the cost minded hunter wanting the features of these $3000 blinds this one has so far held up and offers about the same durability of the high priced products. The base on mine is 8', you can get a 10' base for another $100 I believe. I purchased the 5 by 5 this spring and I will update on it after I've hunted out of it. I think the 5 by 5 will be a bit better for two people and storing your hunting bags and weapons. It's cost is $1595.

    4 by 5 IMG_1398.jpg IMG_1401.jpg

    5 by 5 IMG_3492.jpg
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    So far Swamp the hogs have not torn it up. I had one where they rooted up completely under it but didn't get in the cage. It's pretty solid. I wouldn't say it's not possible depending on the size of hog and it's desire to get through it, but I have not seen it yet. Here is a few of my hog sizes and luckily nothing yet. I know they will not tip it over for sure. IMG_0130.jpg IMG_1734.jpg