deer with collars

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  1. csims

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    I saw two deer the other night around the house that had reflective collars on. Ive never saw this before and was curious if anyone might have any ideas. I didnt get a real good look at the collars since it was dark and the deer were running across the road, but the were both reflective. :head:
  2. gsb77

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    probably someones pets that escaped.

  3. DeLancey

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    They are pets. My papaw use to have a pet doe that would run deer with his dogs back in the day.
  4. ozarkhunter

    ozarkhunter Well-Known Member

    Thats odd. :thumb:
  5. ok

    do we have to wait 10 days after public notice to consider them a feral species before we blast them? That's the only question left
  6. I saw a doe about 3 yrs back on the south side of Cabot with some others and she had an orange collar on her. I wondered if she was an escaped pet or if there may have been a radio tracking device I didn't see.
  7. woodwise

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    it makes it easy to drag to the truck.....:clap:
  8. trashbag boogier

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    naw it's still a pet i had one on my bucks neck when i had him,during gun season i put tarps around his pen so nobody could see to shoot em .
  9. OughtSix

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    I would let the deer run around, cuz its more likely to bring other deer around to your area.
  10. hardcore

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    danduck, glad to hear it hope she makes it
  11. ozarkhunter

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    I think this would bring up the question of ethics.:whistle:
  12. BassnBucks

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    A buddy of mine had a pet Doe that he put a orange and reflective collar on with tags.

    The majority of the time she stayed around his yard and land (150 acres) but sometimes people that knew about this particular Doe would call him and tell him that she was near their house or on the road. Sometimes this was over a mile or two away.

    It was really something to hear about how far she could range in one day and make it back to his house. Unfortunately one day she never returned.
  13. JohnC

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    Yea, real hunter there, shooting someones pet does with a collar. Real sporting too. While yea it may be legal it is certainly not ethical. Grow up.

    If you think you just have to kill something join the military and do it for your country.

    Shooting a pet doe with a collar gives the rest of us hunter a bad name.

  14. BassnBucks

    BassnBucks Well-Known Member

    Whoa! I hope you didn't think that I killed her, I would never do something like that.. I hope it's just the timing of your post. We never found out what happened to my friends pet deer.

    I liked the thought of having a pet deer. We learned a lot by watching her. He raised her from a fawn and was the only one that could actually get close enough to feed her and pet her. She was skittish around everyone else.

    As for your post, I agree. I have taken my share of deer and have always done it in a sporting/legal way.
  15. No-till Boss

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    That made me laugh ! :fit:
  16. qwack smacker 1on1

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    heard that:fit:
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