Deer Wings

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    If you like hot wings, this is similar but with deer. I usually cut up strips of deer meat, dip in egg and batter. Roughly 2 lbs of meat. Then I deep fry my meat in peanut oil, set off the side and drain.

    My hot wing sauce is usually Redhot type sauce, about 6-8 ouces, and half stick of real butter, and I heat the two together in the microwave. You can add some cayenne if you want it hotter. I then place this in a bowl with a good lid, and I start placing my strips in the sauce and shake. Dip out and continue until complete. Place these now in the oven preset for 350 for 10 minutes, take out and serve. You can leave the last part off if you like them juicy dripping with sauce, the batter will soak most of it.
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    That kind of reminds me of my Snow Goose hot breast.....

    Cut Snow Goose Breast into 1 inch cubes or 1/2 inch strips and soak in Frank's Red Hot (or Louisiana) until everything else is set up.

    Mix flour, fresh ground black pepper, bit of dried garlic, dried onion (flakes)

    Beat an egg with a tablespoon of milk and an even part of hot sauce (either of the above varieties)

    Batter meat with the flour mixture (directly from the hot sause marinade).

    Quick deep fry at 350 degrees until they float and are golden reddish.

    Serve hot with a bottle of hot sauce!!!

    Light your world - but Mmmmm...

    I might have to try your deer wings.

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    How long do you fry them???
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    I did some of those for a wild game dinner at church a few months back. I called mine "boneless buffalo deer wings' :biggrin: They are great! I fried mine for 8-10 minutes.
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    I used deer tenderloin. I beat the meat with a meat tenderizer hammer, dipped it in beer batter and deep fried it for about 8 minuets. It was good, no leftovers. :censored:
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    You should have been here. Good :censored: