Deer Summer Sausage

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    Well I'm trying my hand at making deer summer sausage. I ordered the spices and stuff from a guy up just past Melbourne. I mixed it and my deer meat up last night and it should be ready to put into the oven by this weekend. I'll let everyone know how it turns out. :biggrin:

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    let us know how it turns out.

  3. JR

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    Well it turned out o.k. I guess. Everything taste just fine, except I think that I might have over cooked it a little bit. I also guess that I didn't get it packed into the casings good enough cause it had some air pockets in it. So it's kinda hard to slice. This was my first time in making this so I'm not surprised to have some mistakes. Maybe next time I will do better.
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    You will get the hang of it. We make summer sausage & alot of other types also by the truck loads. Just got thru making another 150 lb. batch of S.S. over New Year's. It is human nature to over do most everything at first. They add to much of this, to much of that, & everyone tries to over-cook it at first. People think they have to have it 100% cooked before they ever take it out of the cooker. Meat does alot of cooking after it is taken out & during the cooling process. The best friend you can have when cooking sausage is a meter to check the internal temp. When it gets to 155 degree's in the middle, take it out & wrap it in heavy foil.

    Here is a link to a site that has several differant recipies you can use as base recipies & it has some instuctions as to how to oven cook it if that what you have to do.
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    JR did you order that from townsend supplies inc...I have used alot of his products and it seems to be very good stuff..
  6. JR

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    Thank You, that should be a big help to me. It taste fine, it's a little dry, but it looks terrible. I brought it to school with me and the students dove into it. High school kids will eat almost anything. :biggrin:

    Yes I did. He also sent us a list of all of the spices and stuff that he carries. My wife talked to him on the phone. She said that he was a friendly fellow, and was able to answer all of her questions. Even sent our order C.O.D. How many places do that anymore?