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deer protien feeders

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I'm wanting to build some protien feeders for our lease. I'm using barrels with tripod legs but would like to see other peoples designs of homemade protien feeders.
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I second this idea! Does anyone have any good plans or pictures that we might be able to get some ideas from?
I use the trough feeder much like the first ones CP posted.
I built cp's. easy to do but I would suggest half that size as the large one really held like 600lbs of feed. cp has the plans if you ask him. I would suggest adding hinges on one side and a small stick that can be used to prop the lid up for filling of the feeder from the top. the stick or rod can be swung up to prop the lid.
Dang it CP ...........I like the big one........Thanks for giving me another project to add to my big list:smack:
CP, have you ever fed Rice Bran in your feeders? If so how did it work out?
Whats cools is you got a bat in that pic.......:thumb:
Have not tried the 'bran but I think it might "pack" and not empty into the trough...especially in humid weather.
Pellets do that when they get a little damp too.

by LX Shooter.....Whats cools is you got a bat in that pic.......
That is one of the most unusual pictures I have ever gotten on a trail cam...

HUGE bat..huh.:thumb:
Yeah CP that is 1 in a million shot........:thumb:
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