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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by mad220860, Oct 11, 2011.

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    Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone knew where the best place to have your deer processed in centeral arkansas would be. Being new to the area Im not sure where to take my deer. I was hoping someone new how they charge and what they possible charge,I know alot depends on what you want done. Any suggestions would be really appricated! Thanks and happy hunting
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    Cruze on hwy 5 My buddy just got his back and he had steaks and hamburger done. All the steaks were tenderized and all the meat was vaccum sealed. He also had a roll of summer sausage made and it cost him a total of 63.00. He already had it quartered up but you can take the deer over there straight from the woods but it's more if they have to clean it.

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    Buck Stops Here in Gravel Ridge. I have used them a few times and I really like the way they do things. Unless they have changed I would stay away from Hoggs in NLR. The last deer they processed for me was horrible.
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    What about in Conway?
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    dont know of one in Conway but there is Tommys Meat Market at the Morgan exit, thats getting a little closer to Conway.
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    Lonnies meat market in Conway off of Salem does a good job. Ive take about 12 deer there in the past few years.
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    How much does Lonnies Charge quartered up?
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    Ferguson's on HWY 64 in Atkins does a good job. You can't beat their summer sausage. I think they charge around $70 for one quartered in an ice chest. Summer sausage is extra.
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    There is a really good processor in Vilonia, they are just east of town. Building is on 64, on the right side of the road if you was headed east. They make some great summer sausage.

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    cypress valley meat co. 21/2mile east of vilonia they vacum seal. think its around a dollar lb up to fifty bucks. extra for summer saugage. good people.
  13. I just got mine done at The Buck Stops Here off of 107 at Gravel Ridge. I am pleased. The prices were comparable, their summer sausage is excellent, and you can drop your deer their after-hours. Plus, they also do AHFH.
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    I do most of my deer myself, but when i don't, i use buck stops here. Like Fro said, their sausage is great.