Deer meat for hunting dogs

Discussion in 'Huntin' Dogs' started by heacret, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. heacret

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    My mother passed away back in Feb and me and my brother was cleaning out her 2 large freezers and we found about 30 pounds of ground deer meat she never got around to fixing it. We found a deer tag from 2005 so I decided the deer meat was just to old to eat but instead throwing it out going to give to my hunting dog. Should cook it or give to them raw?
  2. TurkeyAddict

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    I fed many a pound of scraps raw to my beagles. Never hurt them. I did hear about another guys dogs having stones of some kind and the vet related it to being fed a lot of raw meat.
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    HOGHUNTERX2 Well-Known Member

    i feed raw chicken all the time, and freezer burnt deer meat , and scraps from cleaned hogs, never had an issue.
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  4. outdoorjunkiebj

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    We feed raw meat to our huntin dogs and it doesnt hurt'em(maybe a touch of the squirts).

    I probly wouldnt feed it to ur ol ladys lap dog!
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  5. John Stiles

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    I try not to feed my dogs raw meat of any kind....except slabs of fat. The meat can go in the smoker awhile or microwave to disinfect just in case.
  6. coltsdad

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    I feed raw meat to my dogs all the time, mostly chicken but I do feed deer meat out of the freezer or road kill. I have friends that call me when they have an old cow that's going down. As far as having the squirts I don't think that would be a problem. I rarely have to clean my dog pens because the waste from the raw meat is very small, dry and just crumbles up and goes away. Dogs naturally are designed to eat raw meat and honestly there is no dry dog feed that's good for them.
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  7. Reaper22

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    I feed raw deer meat with no issues. Never raw chicken
  8. coltsdad

    coltsdad Well-Known Member

    Raw chicken is perfect dog food, bones are only dangerous if they are cooked
  9. NaturalStateNative

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    I feed my German shorthairs, labs, even my wife's little Yorkie raw food every day. I feed in conjunction with Victor grain free dry dog food, but they get a portion of raw meat and/or eggs every day.
    There are many people with very high bred dogs that exclusively feed a raw diet. Assuming the meat is not spoiled, it is completely and totally fine to feed a dog raw meat, eggs, bones, and fish.
  10. coltsdad

    coltsdad Well-Known Member

    I feed chicken leg quarters whole early then in the evening I feed chub mackerel, spinach, egg, and yogurt mix. Affordable , dogs look great, have plenty of energy, and my pens rarely have to be cleaned because the waste what little there is just dries up a goes away.