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Deer lease openings

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3 Possibly 4 openings in Banks AR. We have almost 5000 acres. Mostly cutovers, pine plantations and about 2000 acres of it is moro creek bottoms. 600.00 anual dues. Lots of deer, not many turkeys and a few hogs. Send me a pm for more info.
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what county is banks in would like more info
what county is banks in would like more info
It's either Bradley or Calhoun!
I'd be interesting in finding out more, but I don't seem to have authorization to send a PM yet. (Or I'm technically challenged)
Still have openings?

Please contact me @ 501-860-8549. Or you can just reply through here. I am wondering if you still have openings in the lease. I would like to talk to you about it, and even come see it if possible. Har far south of Sheridan is it? East or West of Hwy 35? Thanks!

Chris James
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