Deer lease near Bradford

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  1. I need to see if anybody is interested in a deer lease just north of Bradford. It's 900 acres. To make it affordable I need 10 more at $1,000 each. Or 8 at $1,200. Need to hurry to make sure we get it.
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    10 more would make it 11,000 dollars ...8 at 1200 each would make it 9600 dollars ? that is quite a difference, what all does this place offer ? Ducks , deer , is it woods fields or what . It would have to be an awesome place to hunt for 10 dollars an acre !

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    8 more at 1200 would make it 9 ppl with a total of 10,800. Not that much of a difference, but still a difference.
  4. As I stated. I need 10 more guys @ $1,000 each. Or [email protected] $1,200. I've counted my $1,000 and I will cover the extra just to get a lease together. But explaining my business is not required. People like you are not wanted or needed in a lease. But THANKS for trying to help.
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    The original post about the land in the other thread was 900 acres for $10,000. Did it go up $1,000? 10 more people at $1,000 would be $11,000.

    Would this lease be for 2012/2013 or 2013/2014? Deer season is already half way over for the year.

    Does it come with Turkey rights and is there any turkey on the land?
  6. All hunting rights. It's for this hunting season
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    Good luck pulling this off.
  8. If anybody is serious and not just trying to waste there miserable life by being a know it all while they sit in their trailor with nothing better to do. Just contact me.
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    So how much is the lease?
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    What's the renew date?
  11. Lol. The ones who have sent messages by pm to me . Pm me your number. I'll get back with you this weekend. IQ is too low to do business on this sight.
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    Wheres it at exactly?

    I would like to look at it.
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    It would be spelled site......not sight
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    Why the IQ comment? Most of the questions ask are questions that more than several may want an answer to. If it's that private of a situation maybe you should have kept your inquiries private rather post it on a public forum.

    Renewal - what time of year I can expect to be able to pony up the money? I've been in a couple in the past and if memory serves me correctly seems they ran from June/June.

    Location - Neither lease I've been in was joined without first being able to see the property.

    Cost - Neither lease I've been in did I not know the cost to lease the property as a whole. If the dues added up to more than the lease price it was explained what the extra was for such as food plots, electricity and such.

    Again, if you're not willing to answer questions in public maybe you shouldn't have made this public.
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    sorry wasn't trying to be smart just trying to get exact details of the lease . I am always looking but already pay 1000 for a deer lease but might be interested in another if duck hunting was part of the package. I always want to know how much of a lease is timber or pasture,fields . I bow hunt 95% of the time so that is important to me. Sorry you took it wrong wish you have luck with your lease.
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    Should provide us with like buttons
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    Wonder if he was ever able to find people to lease with? I couldn't find the ad on Craigslist anymore so I assume someone picked it up.
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    Just going off the attitude in his posts, I doubt he found anyone.