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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by michale34, Dec 23, 2010.

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    me a my wife were coming home from stuttgart tonight about 6.30 when our headlights hit a deer in the highway . we stopped I havent shot a deer this year so I said road kill meat .we were in my wifes car so I was going to hide it in the ditch and go back for it. well the deer wasent dead i pulled the doe out of the road by the ear she stood up and stood there with me she limped a little on the back leg but otherwise looked ok . a guy pulled up in a green truck I thought it was a WO .it wasent he wanted to cut her throat. I was going to leave wanted no part of that. he went back to his truck to get a knife and I* headed for the car the deer followed me to the car I said now go on it took off back to the woods. thats the first time thats ever happened to me..

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    When did headlights ever kill a deer??????????:head:
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    I think he meant that the headlights shined on the deer , not that they actually hit it.
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    Starman has returned!!!!!
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    I'm sure if one of us got hit by a car we might be alittle disoriented also. Cool story man.

    When i was little i once tried to help a tree rat off the road that had been hit, its legs were broke......the damn thing went crazy on me and bit me like four times!!!:smack:
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    Working as a Vet in Ash Flat a decade ago, a man drove up with an 8 point in the back of his truck. The buck was sitting up, but had his eyes closed and was obviously dazed. The man had found it sitting on the highway. I gave it a steroid shot that was big enough for a clydesdale, hoping it would help the deer with brain swelling.

    The man took it to a restaurant in Cherokee Village, and diners watched out the window most of the day. I was told that in the late afternoon, the deer stood up, started munching on some grass, and then trotted off into the woods.

    People often ask me "what's the strangest thing you've treated" and this memory is near the top. Right along with the duck hunter who had a pet duck with a broken leg. I splinted the leg, and they had to keep the duck outta water for 6 weeks. Worked like a charm. :biggrin:
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    Me and another member on here,buckmaster was out running the roads one night and a doe jumped right in front of us and we hit it. Complete accident wouldnt want to tear up his truck he did everything to avoid hittin her but she jumped in the path anyway. I jumped out the truck to see if she was hurt and she got up and whipped my :censored: like a red headed stepchild! Both front legs were broke! We eat good while we waited on the parts to be delievered for his truck!
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    I was was a little cautious about getting my but wipped when she stood up but when she just stood there with me and the followed me is what amaized me when that guy said he was going to cut her throat i figured he was going be the one laying in the road :biggrin:
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    Wow Starman you should prolly sit the next few plays out
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    Trust me If I were starman I would be rich LOL I wouldnt have to pay those high doctor bills LOL
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    I ment that deer probably would put him on the road with those front hoofs.