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Deer Hunting JEEP wanted?

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I am looking for just an old Cj7 jeep or wrangler to hunt in.It does not have to be nothing fancy just something pretty cheap..Anyone have one let me know?thanks
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I've got an old 82 Ford F100 for sell. I'll take $1000 for it, that's what I got in it. New plugs, wires, pinion seal. Motor was rebuilt around 30,000 miles ago. It's ugly, but a good truck. I drive it back and forth to work about 50 miles a day. Get's pretty good gas mileage.
I talked to a guy in Bella Vista this morning about a '72 Jeep if I am remembering right. It was an early 70's model anyway. He wanted 2500.00 or best offer. Seemed a little high to me but I wasnt really interested in it. Anyway, his number is 479-248-7346 if you want to talk to him about it. He advertised it on a radio based classified ads show so I am sure he wont mind if I post his number here.
92 jeep dana 44 front and rear axles.5.38 gears with detroit locker in front and spool in the rear.riddler diffcovers f/r. 36" super swamper iroks. beadlocks. poisen spyder trail cage. 5spd trans newly rebuilt. 7500lbs winch.ready for the rocks or the mud!deer camp! $5500.00

check your pm for my number. i have some pics
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