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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by plumber, Nov 29, 2012.

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    You need too be in the stand this afternoon. It is going too be on, full moon rises at 6 late this afternoon. I went yesterday and got in the stand at 4, and a little after 5 they started pouring out of the woods. I had ole Kingpin in the crosshairs once again and let him walk. I am checking my son out of school this afternoon, and going too let him put him down I hope. He will have a good chance in the youth part of the Arkansas Big Buck contest if he puts him down. It was hard not too put the hammer down on him, but really would like too see my son score if I can work it out that way. Thought I would share this info, so some of yall that have a chance wont miss out on that big buck you have been chasing this afternoon. Good Luck!!! :up:
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    Sure wish I didn't work til 5!! Hope ur boy gets kingpin, good luck!!

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    I'll be in the woods, but sure would like to see your boy kill kingpin. Hope to see pictures soon!
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    I get off at 230 and will be in the stand by 300!!!
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    Well I was planning on going this morning and didn't make it , Don't like hunting the afternoons because had to get out of the woods without getting busted . I got to go back to wook next week anyhow and I don't think I'll get any more days off till Christmas, maybe by then they will forgot about me .
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    I'll be in the stand around 1 today. Good luck fellas
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    I sat from 4:00pm till the moon was up yesterday, didn't see squat. But down here in Z12, there's been a veritable slaughter....seems like folks that normally go way off to hunt big bux, stayed home and hunted for meat here.:shrug:
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    X3 some people only think we're done at 3.
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    Well Darn It !
    What about tomorrow morning and afternoon ??????
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    Well guys hope your day went as well as mine. My wife pulled my 13 year old son out of school at noon today and brought him too me. We got settled in around 3:30 and did not see a deer for the whole afternoon. My son told me that is his luck, he never sees deer when he goes. I explained that it happens within a blink of a eye, there is still a few more minutes of chance left in the hunt. Well just about at no light here Kingpin comes, I get my son positioned for the kill and he cant find him in his scope (The deer is only 25 yards away, and I am chewing off my nails by now). I tell him too quit looking for him in the scope and find him with his eyes first. Well it didnt take but a second and he is on the King. He tells me he has got him, and I say are you sure you can see the crosshairs and got a good shot. He pulls the trigger and the end too a great season that will forever be told in my years and his has been made. KINGPIN is down for good. With the full moon dancing off ole Kingpins horns, my son and me said a prayer of thanks for letting us share this unforgettable moment. Thanks for all that have followed and look forward too next season. PS if anybody would care too email me at [email protected] for the tailgate pic. I cant seem too get it on here through my email.
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    Just PM'd my number to you if you can text. If you can't, email is [email protected]. Get me tge pic and I'll post it.
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    Congrats to you and your son!!!!
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    The suspense is killing me!
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    Could you tell much about the shot from ML season?
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    Yes I still cant figure out how he was getting around. My shot from ML season hit his spine, as you can fill the hump in his spine were I hit him. It did not break the spine but sure did shift it over enough I would have been in a wheelchair. I still am scratching my head on how that deer was getting up and down the mountains. Thats mountain bucks for ya, tough as nails. The wound was oozing a little, but other than that he was in good shape, and sure was not slowed down by the shot early on. I will take some more pics with a better camera this morn, and will get a close up of the shot in ML season.
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