Deer hit by Car

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    I like this story. You can't ever tell about them old boys from Bigelow.
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    But your profile says your from Sheridan. I'm from EE by way of WH. That's just how things are done down here. These guys are from Portland or Seattle, Northwest somewhere. If I saw you pop a nanny in the head and throw it in the bed of your truck on the side of 167 south of Sheridan, I wouldn't think much about it. But if one of those yankee Wal-Mart carpetbaggers saw it in Fayetteville, they'd be scarred for life.
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    I saw a deer/vehicle accident this morning on my way to work. Coming down the hill on i430 to the river bridge. Nice buck laying by the barrier on the left lane, head up looking around. State Trooper with lights on parked about 20 feet past deer then the vehicle that hit it.

    Everything is concrete there. Discharging a gun to dispatch the deer would be too dangerous. And never trust that the deer can't get up and whoop your butt.

    I came up on a buck last year that had been hit. He looked in worse shape than the one this morning. I didn't want to be seen shooting this deer on the side of hwy 70 @ Lonsdale. So I figured I would slip up behind him and crack him between the ears with my axe. That sucker jumped up ran across 3 lanes of traffic and stood on the other side of the road for another 20 minutes. I am so thankful he didn't cause another collision. If someone had been hurt or killed because I jumped that buck up I would not be able to live with it.
    The next 20 minutes after he jumped up was me having him in the headlights wait i ng for a break in traffic to pit an arrow through his ribs. I also got between him and the road to try to persuade him to run the other way if he ran.
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    Not everyone from perry county is dating their sister
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