Deer hit by Car

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    I like this story. You can't ever tell about them old boys from Bigelow.
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    But your profile says your from Sheridan. I'm from EE by way of WH. That's just how things are done down here. These guys are from Portland or Seattle, Northwest somewhere. If I saw you pop a nanny in the head and throw it in the bed of your truck on the side of 167 south of Sheridan, I wouldn't think much about it. But if one of those yankee Wal-Mart carpetbaggers saw it in Fayetteville, they'd be scarred for life.
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    I saw a deer/vehicle accident this morning on my way to work. Coming down the hill on i430 to the river bridge. Nice buck laying by the barrier on the left lane, head up looking around. State Trooper with lights on parked about 20 feet past deer then the vehicle that hit it.

    Everything is concrete there. Discharging a gun to dispatch the deer would be too dangerous. And never trust that the deer can't get up and whoop your butt.

    I came up on a buck last year that had been hit. He looked in worse shape than the one this morning. I didn't want to be seen shooting this deer on the side of hwy 70 @ Lonsdale. So I figured I would slip up behind him and crack him between the ears with my axe. That sucker jumped up ran across 3 lanes of traffic and stood on the other side of the road for another 20 minutes. I am so thankful he didn't cause another collision. If someone had been hurt or killed because I jumped that buck up I would not be able to live with it.
    The next 20 minutes after he jumped up was me having him in the headlights wait i ng for a break in traffic to pit an arrow through his ribs. I also got between him and the road to try to persuade him to run the other way if he ran.
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    Not everyone from perry county is dating their sister
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    I have a definitive answer here for you. Some guys hit a deer in Jonesboro this evening and had no way to finish it off. I called the stop poaching 24 hr hotline and received permission from the dispatcher to finish the animal with my handgun. They will take your information and turn it into an official report on record therefore clearing you of any potential wrong doing.
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    AGFC was taking calls on road kill deer to test for CWD in newton county this past year and I knew the guy that took the calls. He said if you couldn’t be there in 15 minutes there wasn’t no need in going because somebody would have it picked up.
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    Our local gw’s said the same thing. Said the AR country folks were hungry
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    N. Texas
    Well, it takes rational thinking & common sense to understand a situation like that. If liberals/tree huggers, had common sense...they probably wouldn't be liberals. :)
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    When I had the packing house a guy showed up with a deer hit by a car. When we started around the building to unload it he said you may want to take a gun it's still alive. And sure enough it was laying in the back of his truck with it's head up. He said it was still flopping when he drug it into his truck. It was the first one I ever had to shot so I could start skinning.
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    I had to finish off a deer hit by a car in Conway once. I called CPD and they didn't want anything to do with it. Called AGFC hotline and they told me to shoot it. I then explained that I was in a school zone and wasn't about to start that mess. I was about half a mile from the house so she told me to get a bow and finish it. I'm glad it was a Sunday evening with not much traffic. It felt wrong drawing a bow on the side of the road while someone held a light over my shoulder.
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    Now we know what “country folks in Arkansas are hungry” means! ROFLMAO!
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    It gets easier.
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    A friend of mine hit a deer on the 5 lane section of 425 South between Monticello and the entrance to UAM one time.
    A sheriff deputy showed up and proceeded to attempt to dispatch the deer from 50 - 75 yards away with his pistol. About the time he went to reload, a game warden pulled up. The warden gets out, strolls over to the deer and shoots it point blank. The poor deputy didn't know what to say.
    After it was all said and done, the deer ended up being strung up in a tree in front of the boys dorm and cleaned by some hungry Boll Weevils.
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    I am 99% sure Fayetteville has a city ordinance that says you cannot harm any animal.
    And I know for fact there is an ordinance prohibiting discharging any "weapon" in city limits. We need an urban hunt, but they will never allow it. The kids spotlighting by the Links apartments are helping our case. There are some real booners in town too.
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    Killed one with a pipe wrench once
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    I had 2 kids in a brand new 4wd Ford pickup, hit the big 8pt [in front of my house]I was after....I rode up on my M/C and got off...they were in the ditch with a pen light, looking for something..I asked them what they were looking for, and they told me they hit a big buck, and it broke one of his antlers off. I asked where the buck was and the older kid said it was in the back of the pickup! I looked around just in time to see him stand up and begin looking for a place to jump to! The kid saw him too, and yelled oh no he's alive...I jumped up on the back bumper and grabbed that one antler and pulled his head down to the tailgate, with my free hand I pulled out my 110 buck and slit his throat, and blood spewed out like a fire hydrant all over that truck. LMAO That kid said he was gonna be in big trouble when he got back to deer camp and his dad saw that mess! I told him it woulda been way worse if that buck had jumped out and ran off, and he had no proof of what messed up the front lights and grill! ;-)))
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    Sounds like a story Curdog would tell.
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    Those kids are in their 30s now, they belonged to a camp in Dallas Co. I've long since wondered if maybe they had joined here, if they are members, they know the story very well! LMAO! Or maybe their Dad is a member....he'd know part of the story anyways! ROFLMAO!
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    The difference is, we can believe it when John tells it.
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