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  1. ksf04001

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    We were on our way back from nola yesterday and i noticed something very strange about most of the deer that had been hit on the side of the road. They had their heads cut off! Is this something the state does or just people stopping to cut a bucks head off?
  2. Lonnie

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    I saw it in Oklahoma when I drove through there in November. The does weren't touched...I guess it was just the bucks with good racks!!

  3. FrogTacos

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    Most states have a road kill crew that goes along and collects carcasses so I doubt it is a state thing.
  4. tmeredith

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    Maybe somebody finally figured out a way to cook the horns and they thought thet'd get 'em an easy meal.:shrug:
  5. Hobbshunter

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    My uncle told me he was sitting in his office one day, looked out the window, and just happened to see a forkhorn get hit by a car on the highway out front.

    A few minutes passed, and someone stopped. Apparently the deer wasnt totally dead. A man got out, and shot the deer with a pistol. He got back in his car and drove off.

    A few more minutes passed, and a teenager in a truck stopped. He got a saw and cut the rack off.

    A few more minutes passed, and someone stopped. They took the whole deer.

    Busy day at the office for sure!

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  7. arbowhntr

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    People will cut the horns off because they can sell them examples: knife makers, fixtures, and furniture.:thumb:
  8. fmanley

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    While working for the AGFC we removed the heads to collect these Some states will do testing for CWD by road kills and the Retropharyngeal lymph nodes they test are in the head...
  9. ksf04001

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    This is why i asked the question because i didnt know if any agency did this. A lot of these deer were in the median of a busy interstate and they were cut off in the middle of the neck pretty clean. At first i thought for sure that it had to be some agency (but i figured they would at least dispose of the body), but then i saw a few that still had the heads and every one of them was a doe.