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  1. jwalker

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    Just ran to store at 38/31 junction to get a coke omg bout 20+ doe and yearlings 3 nice bucks 1 big buck bout a 140+ this is no BS I had to stop in the hwy to let them all cross like cows!! Bout 1 1/2 miles from my 10 acre spread had game cam out all month and corn 3 pics 2 birds 1 of me I've lived here for 5 years I've had deer every other year none this year tho!!
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    Why didn't you shoot? :banghead: You could of use your wife tags an got away with it. Jezzzzz:mad:

  3. jwalker

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  4. Don't do that!!!
    You are ruining all these wonder hunters that say there is a problem with the deer in Arkansas's population and quality!!:fit:
    As a matter of fact I had to go to Camden on a grocery run and saw the same.
    All the way down US278 they are everywhere!!
    But I was going to just be quiet and let the outhouse experts keep yakking....:cool:
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    My Girlfriend just called me and said there were a lot of deer up close in her back yard!
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    I love to see deer in herds and this time of year they will. Although, too many eyes everywhere. Harder to get a shot.
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    I know
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    We've got some quality deer around here -- there's on buck I've been watching for two years. When he was a "spike" he had five points, and a good spread. He was a really nice 9-pointer this season.

    Next season . . .
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    HAHA, i used to live 2.2 miles from those two gas stations at the 38/31 intersection. I actually hit a deer in between there and cypress one year.