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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by dkhern, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. dkhern

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    has anyone heard anything a gw told me there has been a massive die off in sw ar over last two yr biologst dont know what is cause
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    Have not heard that yet,but I have not talked to a GW or a biologst this year either. Makes sense, I know the last couple years numbers have been way down, this year being the worse I have seen.

  3. dkhern

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  4. y hunt

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    Yes 6 deer limit might have something to do with it.
  5. buckhorn

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    Kind of what I was thinking. Normally when you have a signifigant die off hunters find skeltons and remains. It doesn't just go unnoticed.
  6. turkeyhunter

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    We never found a dead deer after all the deer just disappeared after the big ice storm years back. We went from seeing 20 to 30 deer per setting to 1 or 2 if your were lucky. Man I just don't understand a 6 deer limit. I would say 3 deer would be max.
  7. Well I have hunted in Union Co. for the past 5 years ( please see my thread in the QDMA section of the forum) i can honestly say that something is seriously wrong some where....i will be interseted to know if we can or will get honest answers from the state.....
  8. alexanderg23

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    acute high velocity lead poisioning?
  9. BigRon501

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    i've found two skulls this year that were relatively fresh... both does... I just figured it was yotes
  10. 4hunting

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    Mother Nature has allways had a way to regulate things where a balance has been keep. She uses floods, drought,disease, preditors, man being one of these and the like. It has worked just fine from the beginning of time. But when any one of these is increased beyound what was intended, the balance is throwed out of kilter. Just look at we have had for the past few years, several years of drought, several massive floods, there has been outbreaks of disease and a vast increase in preditors, animal and mankind alike. Now take all this in to account, even under a natural setting, the removal of just one female deer from the herd could account for a loss of 63 deer over a 5 year period based on a rate of twin production each of those years by her & her offspring if all survived. That is just one doe deer that could have died due to any of the causes, natural or manmade alike that can account for this amount of lose to the herd numbers. Now do the math, throw out the truely natural elements to the formula, just take what you, yourself has done, how many doe's have you taken over the past 5 years! Now multiply that by 63, that is the number of deer you cannot be seeing any longer. If a man follows what is allowed by the G&F at present of taking 6 doe's, in just one season with the sqeeze of the trigger, he has for sure taken away the chance to see 378 deer in the future in just one season. Now lets say he has done this over the past 5 years, filled his 6 doe tags, over that 5 year period, just his actions, and his alone has elimentated the chance to see close to 2000 deer. And this is just in the one small area in which he hunts. See the impact just this one hunter can have on the deer herd in just his small area. Multiply that by the number of hunters doing it & the real impact can be seen. And this is just one part of one element in the formula. As I said, man is a predator, but just one of many, so to be more accurate in what is happening, we will need to add in all the other predator loses, all the one's who subcome to the droughts, the floods, and all the other factors also. With all these added up, can one now see why people may not be seeing as many as they once did? Man is just a small part of the formula, but the mindset of the PTB now, they have seemed to put themselfs in the position of Mother Nature, they now run the show, and that will be the downfall of the deal. Man needs to get off their high horse, put themselfs back in their place, realize that they are only hired help & not the boss and start setting regulations based upon what Mother Nature "LET'S" us have, not what we want. Cause if we keep taking what "WE" want, pretty soon the true boss "Mother Nature" will do her thing & make sure there will be no more left to have!!!!
  11. SwampCat

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    Three of the deer we killed this year had hoof deformities that appeared to be EHD related. Deer that die of EHD usually perish in august when we are not really out roaming the woods. There is a ravine on my land where I throw our deer carcasses - about 10 this year - and there is not a deer bone to be found. I found a dead buck on my place thanksgiving week that someone shot off the highway. Other than the flattened down grass where it lay - there are a few deer hairs and nothing else left. My next door neighbor with the 1400 acres under high fence - claims EHD is THE controlling factor on his deer herd. This year, because of dry conditions, was probably worse than normal.
  12. iivydriff

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    Something is going on in my neck of the woods too. Ive had 3 different people ask me what has happened to the deer. I guess back in the late summer early fall there were several peope around here in NWA found dead deer in ponds and creeks. One guy even showed me a picture of a huge buck that they found dead in a pond. I guess weve had some Blue Tongue going around up here in the NW corner of the state. But I dont think it was wide spread. Just in spots.
  13. tmeredith

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    I predicted this would happen 2 or 3 years ago. I said the agfc would take this 6 deer limit too far and then blame the lack of deer on blue tounge or a flood or some other natural disaster. Why can't people understand hunters CAN and DO overharvest our deer crop?
  14. pd2

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    Agreed !!!!! I've seen one legal deer this year. But then again I don't have my own TV show so take my comments with a grain of salt.
  15. hortonhunter

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    Yep, they've died off I've found several skeletons this year also. MotherNature taking care of her own. Our lease in cleveland county has had the worst season ever

    RAZORBACKER3 Well-Known Member

    This has been the weirdest deer season I can remember. During early bow season right up to the tradional gun season, my camp in Cleveland co.was experiencing the worst season in the 40+ years I have hunted there.When gun season started, it seemed like everything went back to normal. We had an aveage season in terms of sightings and kills. I only saw 4 deer while I was on a stand, but 3 were legal bucks and I harvested 2 by Tuesday, an 9 point and screwed up 5 (4 on 1 side and one huge spike ). We didn't kill any really large bucks or old bucks. Mostly 2.5 and a few 3.5 y.olds. Butttttt. I also saw game pics of 3 bucks on our lease that were better than any bucks killed on that lease during the 40+ years I have hunted there. 2 of the bucks would score 160+ and the third would scare 150. One was a 14 point and the others perfect 10's. Not a single report of dead deer due to disease, but one of the last bucks killed did have problems with one foot like was described above.
    6 does even in zone 12 is way too many.
  17. fanatichunter

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    I've got photos of a buck with a screwed up foot.
  18. hogdiggity

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    Two years of drought plus too many deer killed. The AGFC needs to get out of LR and do some Real animal suRveys