Deer Chili

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    What do you guys and gals mix with your deer meat when you make chili or do you even add anything but deer meat. I was thinking about adding some bacon with the meat when I ground it up or some beef suet.
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    I don't add any other meat products.

    here is our basic recipie (no complaints, other than when some think I get it too hot...hehe)

    1 - 1 1/2lb ground venison
    2 large cans crushed tomatoes (we like to sub fresh from the garden when we have 'em).
    1 can dark kidney beans
    1 can light kidney beans
    1 medium onion (vidalia is good, but any onion will do) diced or at least cut up.
    1-2 clove of garlic - crushed
    1 sprig/pinch of fresh cilantro (optional - if you like it, add it)
    2 packages of McKormick's Chili seasoning (one hot and one mild).
    1 fresh Habanero - cut in half
    Cayenne pepper to taste (if you don't like HOT chilli, then skip this)
    1 tbs. sugar
    salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.

    Lightly brown the meat - while adding a pinch of salt and some fresh ground pepper. Stirr in the cilantro and finish browning.

    Move browned meat to larger pot or crock pot (or if you brown the meat in the pot you will be cooking in then obviously skip this).

    Add remaining ingredients except cayenne and the beans and stirr well. Heat over medium low heat for a LONG time. I prefer to let it cook a minimum of 2 hours before eating - but the longer the better.

    After it has simmered at least 1 hour - taste for heat. If it needs some, add the ceyenne.

    I usually add the beans last to prevent them from over-cooking (although this works well without beans if you prefer it that way...) Regardless, cook the chilli at least 1 hour after the heat taste (and add the beans at that check as well).

    I have done it with adding beef as part of the meat... and have also done pork. I like straight deer (and it is better for you without sacrificing ANY flavor).

    We usually make a double batch and freeze the leftovers, or I take them to school and heat the teachers up!!!

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    Sometimes I chop up some venison summer sausage and add to it. I like it thick and chunky. I use chilli powder, cumin, red wine, tomatoe sauce, tomatoe poste, salt & pepper and lots of chopped onion.
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    I use 1lb of breakfast sausage to 3lbs of burger meat.
  5. Sometimes I mix a little beef chili meat with the vension. Other times only use venison--still good.