Deer Camps and Four Wheelers

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by donswheel, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. donswheel

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    It seems like our four wheelers which we love to ride to the stand is having an affect on the deer sightings. Does anyone else notice that the more traffic through the woods relates to less buck sightings?
  2. gregrn43

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    My 4 wheeler stays on the trailer until I need to bring one out.

  3. good chance

    I ride mine to about 1/4 to 1/2 mile away then I slip in........from what I've seen deer will stand still for photos if a truck passes but when they hear those wheelers they high tail it outta da way......
  4. shotgun wg

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    I agree. This is why I try not to park any closer than 1/2 mile from a stand if I'm looking for a buck. If u think about it the deer go all summer with little traffic in the woods then one day all u can hear is 4wheeler after 4wheeler. I have noticed on the farm deer don't get as spookish of trucks and pay tractors and combine little to no attention. I believe it is because they see them alot with no adverse effect.
  5. What I have noticed is that the areas where ATV's are used all year have no effect on deer movement. Now the ones that have little ATV traffic or even truck traffic it can cause them to react to them.
    But when the Bucks are roaming it doesn't matter and when the deer are really rutting it won't matter what you do......they stay in the thicket.
    I figure deer hear ATV's year round as they do log trucks and other equipment.
    I think that just the movement of people in the woods can cause them to change their patterns. I don't think deer stop moving they just change their paths that they move.
    But if your in a lease like most are that the ATV's hit at one time of the year then yes it can cause the deer to react.

    But I think the odors of people in the woods do more then the ATV's.
  6. jhw

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    Yes, they do have an effect. Deer will pattern hunters, the same as hunters pattern deer.
  7. Your on the money....most folks don't go to the leases until September or October and flood the woods until mid November....when most weekend warriors stay home.
    For me son and I run the area year round especially around the farm area.....they don't high tail it when they hear or see the wheelers. They leave but not extreme.........but not always. I have had them stand there and watch me drive by and go back to feeding but stop and they get........
    Deer learn whats a danger and whats not.....

    I believe still that a persons scent does more harm then an ATV. And I also think that the deer in an area can recognize certain peoples smell......someone strange and they get leary.
    It is just the nature of anything......if they don't see a certain thing as danger they won't fear it.
    And deer rely a lot on smell........
  8. jas870

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    x2. no need to cause a commotion when you dont have to. we try to keep our 4 wheelers off of the farm for a good part of the season, unless hauling one out. we try to put the cows up on the front section of the farm so we wont be going in and out with tractors causing a big stink.
  9. coonnutz

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    I used to ride within a quarter of a mile of my stand, but not anymore. The walk may suck, but once I started parking my wheeler a long ways away from my spot I started seeing deer again.:up:
  10. caddoboy

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    jwh is right. One point though is that deer can also get used to a pattern where people in cars or 4-wheelers don't ever shoot at them. Once a few shots fly the deer graduate and get a lot smarter. I kind of prefer to slip in as much as possible, but walking in to an area to much can also reduce your buck sightings.
  11. We have some land out here that we ride our 4wheelers on year round. We don't shoot at them from them or anything like that. So if you are on a fourwheeler you can get within 20 yards of 90% of all the deer on that land. Most of the places that I have to get back to so I can check on things you can't get a truck in there. So the wheeler movement don't bother them at all.
  12. donswheel

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    I agree. If you go to the same stand on the same 4 wheeler at the same time everyday and leave at the same time, the deer have your number. Especially that big ole buck.
  13. cropdustersteve

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    No. Wheelers make no difference.
  14. Buck-Ridge

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    I visit this forum daily and am amazed by the number of people on here who only see a few deer, No bucks, No turkeys. I think to myself, They need to leave the 4 wheeler at home.
  15. cropdustersteve

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    Probably has more to do with where and how they're hunting.:dontknow:
  16. duck

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    We walk from camp everyday and dont dare make noise from four wheelers. Our neighbor drives his right up under the stand. His deer that was eating his corn is now high tailing it out of there. The other day the other neighbor went to his stand on four wheeler and I had four deer running by my stand. We use them to our advantage. People that do this are usually to lazy to walk to their stand.

  17. i agree with this. Our lease is pretty much dead quiet from january till october, with the exception of any logging. People now don't want to walk anywhere, just ride the wheeler in and climb up in the stand. I like to ride, but save that for this time of year and during the summer
  18. So you walk from your big is your lease?
    Now from my camper to the Northern most portion would be like a 2 or 3 mile walk through some rough stuff.
    If you hunt 80 acres that is fine......try walking everywhere on 1500 to 2000 acres.
    Yes I ride my Rhino or ATV when I go. Lazy....I have heard so many say that about folks. I walk probably 5 miles a day at work between buildings and planes. I live in the country on 17 acres that is highly cared for and I don't usually have time to be lazy....except for when I am on here.
    But to my stands that are in the woods I will drive somewhere within a 1/2 to a mile and walk to them. But to my stand in my pasture I drive right up to it....funny thing is I have killed some dandy bucks that could see my wheeler....The location of the stand and the traffic of the area makes a difference.
    You can not lump all situations together.
    I sure wish those deer that stand out in front of the house while I am welding or working on a vehicle could tell us why they just lay there and watch me.:head:
    They are wild deer....maybe it's my stereo blasting that they like.......
    Deer are highly adaptable and they quickly learn what is dangerous and what is not.
    In some areas a ATV is dangerous.......In some they are not always.....funny how they can figure that out.
    Don't lump ATV users as lazy.......:wink:
  19. Shoot it was dead quiet yesterday on mine......I was out going from beaver pond to pond looking for beavers as they seemed to be out yesterday in the light.
    I sure couldn't have done it all without the Rhino. But the deer in my area hear ATV's all year from us to foresters so I really don't think they get that upset at them.
    Sure they will get out of the way but it doesn't run them out of the country liek a deer dog..........:razz::biggrin:
  20. duck

    duck Well-Known Member

    I think you over looked at the word usaully. I should have said MOST are to lazy. Put it this way, just about everytime these guys ride to their stand we see deer running our way. I hope they stay lazy and keep it up. :up: