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  1. Okay folks, I need some advice on housing at deer camp.

    My camp is in the Ouachita Mts. on leased lands, so anything I use must be portable or at least moveable. And I want to leave whatever I use at camp year round.

    This past season, I used my popup camper for housing. However, when it's cold or raining popups are a bad idea. So using my popup is not my first choice.

    So I started looking at old small campers and portable buildings (in which I would build bunks, etc) to utilize for housing at deer camp.

    I'd like to know what folks consider the pros and cons of old small campers vs. portable buildings.
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    We bought a 12 x 20 cooks building and finished out. Insullation, bunks, stove, even tv. It can be moved 1 time for $225 then $300. Has turned out great. I will try to post some pics.


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    I was an old school bus. Cheap and portable. Mine has running water, propane fridge and cookstove. A home away from home. :thumb:
  4. Depends on how many ya need to sleep...if it's a small number, I'd go with the bus.

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    For years, I slept in a pop-up...but it had the fiberglass sides, and not the canva.......Dad and I built a shed for it, and then enclosed all but a small area, on the south side with heavy vizqueen........worked good , but still got cool, just not as!!!

    Nowdays.......I cheat:biggrin: :biggrin: ........approx a 750sqft cabin..2 story..bedroom upstairs with a full size bed (where My son and his wife/baby sleep).....down stairs has a full bath with shower, a den with Sat.TV, and a full kitchen/dining area....and bedroom with a king bed, for me and 3 a/c units (2 downstairs and 1 up) heat downstairs is propane, (bedroom and den).....upstairs got an electric oil-filled radiator type heater, which keeps it comfortable, year round!!!!
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    My future in laws have a portable building they are trying to sale. It would be perfect for what you are looking for. It has a bathroom already installed. Hoped they would just hand it over to me, yea right. Give me a pm if interested.
  7. Thanks rocketman. PM on its way to you.
  8. Okay, rocketman's in laws building is too nice for my blood.

    Any other suggestions out there.
  9. school bus idea is not half bad. check with State surplus. guy at work bought one for $500 that he uses for camping.
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    We had an old school bus in Ravenden Springs when I was younger. This thing was a wreck and didn't run. We had several bunks in it and a wood stove. Whew, talk about sweating to death in that sucker!!!
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    Your camping provisions sound great. Now for a change. How bad has the :censored: vandalism been to your stuff that stays year round? I would like to park a camper someday in the Gravesville or Graysville area, north side of Damascus, but I'm afraid I would find it gutted when I would need to use it. What has been your experiences so far?
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    Would it be possible to set posts and frame, then lay tin? Will keep the rain and sun off of pop up.
  13. Thought about building a shed over the popup but by the time I buy the necessary lumber and tin or build one out of metal, I can pay for a portable building.

    The more I have thought about this matter, the more I'm leaning towards a portable building. I think it will be more secure. If I build one with no windows, I only have to secure the door or doors with some good locks.

    We have had some vandals in the past, but they only hit the campers with cheap locks that can be easily popped opened or with windows that can be broken into.
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  15. Their lofted barn is what I would like to get. However, they are pricey.

    I saw one of their adds in the Rural Arkansas magazine last month. A storage box ($2,800)on blocks or crossties....or build a big deck on the end of one a semi-trailers ($2,500) your talkin mobile camp house. :biggrin:
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    A few pics of the trailer I was telling you about.
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