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Was going to wait till before next deer season but figured someone might be looking now. Its in decent shape for and older camper. Currently set up with two beds but could put a couch in the front. Will leave the fridge and microwave. Also has heat and air window unit that works great. Bathroom has a larger shower and full size toilet. Doesn’t leak but did, a few ceiling stains, many years back when by dad fixed it up. Will have to have new/newer tires to be moved. I believe it’s a 24ft camper and is wired to remain in place where the heat/air, hot water heater and rest of the camper are on separate circuits. I can not find the title so will come with a bill of sale only. Located just west of Nashville towards center point. I will sale it two different ways. I fix the tires and have it ready to roll for $2500 or as it sits for $2000 buyer deals with the tires.

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