Deer are starting to move!

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by DeLancey, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. DeLancey

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    I saw at least 20 doe yesterday afternoon. But I was on the wrong side of the river :banghead:to kill them our land in on zone 6 side of the white river. So I just sat and watched them I was glad to see a deer because I have not laid eyes on one in about a month down there
  2. SR4

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    I've started seeing deer pretty regular again last couple weeks. Getting alot pics in daytime. I just climbed in a stand so we'll see how it goes this evening.

  3. I'm still getting nothing but night time pics. I did see a deer at 11:45 today. Of course I was in the truck headed home but I did see one finally. :banghead:
  4. pruitt76

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    I saw 8 total yesterday (6 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon). One of those in the morning was a small 8pt. He was actually chasing a group of 3 does around.

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Saw a group of 8 doe & yearlings at 1030 yesterday...saw zip today on a stand that you will normally see something on, sat 7 1/2 hrs and saw zip.....

    Hunting buddy jumped some walking in to his stand...his wife got there about 10 today and sat until 1330 with the grandson and saw zip.......

    I did see more tree-rats than you could stir with a stick yesterday though...2 this morning, and 5 turkey, about 1130......
  6. nemhsiri

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    plenty of tree rats down in Greenland the last two days. I know the deer are out there as well, just not in my area I guess. The neighbor 5 blocks down lets no one hunt his land and you can see 16 to 24 every night in his field, just not working their way down to where I am.
  7. THExONE

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    Sat 2-dark and like normal this year I didn't see a hair one.
  8. SR4

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    I hunted 2 til dark today. I had a button and doe come in about 515. I flat out missed the doe at 16 yards.:smack: Shot over her back. Oh well, aint the first time and wont be the last. At least I saw a couple. Thats two days in a row. Woohoo!! On a high note I came home to a pot of beans, fried tators(with onion):fit: and cornbread. Its been a good day!

    A buddy of mine that hunted today said he saw some moving on the way to his stand this afternoon about 1. I've been getting pics midday and the one I shot yesterday was at 230.
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