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  1. Catfish898

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    Any advice for a new turkey hunter on decoy set-ups? How many? Jakes or hens? How far apart? and so on.
  2. Guitarzan

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    I like to use two hens and a jake. I put the hens about 10 feet from the jake and the hens pretty close together. I have my decoys facing away from the way I think a Gobbler will come from.

  3. Juice

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    I've got them, but don't use them on every hunt. Each situation and setup dictates if I use them or not. I've got a strutter decoy and have never had great success with it. I've used it in Kansas with no luck, seems the turkeys flare from it. Using a Jake decoy seems to be a better option.

    I've told this before, but it's worth telling again. Several years ago we were hunting in Missouri. We arrived a couple of days before the season to scout and get our camp setup. We had 2 popup campers setup in our usual spot. As a joke, I set up a gobbler decoy I made from a Wally World jake and a real fan. It was 4 steps in front of one of the campers. One of our guys got back to camp early and was taking a nap when he heard some turkeys in the leaves behind camp. He slipped to his truck and grabbed his slate call and let out a soft yelp when all of a sudden a gobbler answered from behind him not 75 yards from camp. He was in a pair of shorts and a white Tshirt, standing beside his truck, when the gobbler showed up heading straight toward him. It stepped into our camp road which is only 50 yards from the main road. Our buddy froze and watched the gobbler go into full strut not 20 steps away heading for the decoy! The gobbler continued past him at 7 steps, never looking his way, and went toe to toe with the imposter. He slapped the decoy with his wing and started to circle him, when Hooked Spurs and Dad came up the main road to camp popping the gravel. They were almost in sight when the gob came out of his stupor and realized where he was, so he took flight and left out. It just shows you how effective they can be if the gobbler is in the right mood.
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    a jake on top of a hen. it is deadly......:up:
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    I agree with Juice that decoys work in the right situation, but do not many of times. In real open woods or fields, they can be useful. I know in fields we have laid a hen decoy on the ground with a jake decoy standing behind like it is ready to breed. Two hens and a Jake seem to work for some. Most places I hunt, I choose to set up where the gobbler has to search for me. If you hunt the mountains you can usually use the terrain to your advantage and the gobbler will be in range when he appears. That is much harder to do in open terrain.
  6. biggobs

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    Personally I would say to usually leave them in the truck. I have been with HookedSpurs on several and killed several longbeards & videoed him killing a few over decoys & like he said what he & I have found that seems to work best for us in open areas is a non-strutting jake right over the top of a hen that we don't use a regular stake but just lay her down on the ground like she is squatting to let the inferior jake get a little nuckie. However, we have just set up a jake & a hen or two & had luck that way as well. We are very mobile when we hunt (don't do much sitting for long periods of time or blind hunting) & they just seem to be more of a pain than an asset but I still always have one in my pack in case I get in a clear cut or thinned pine plantation where a turkey can see for a long ways.
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    I have some decoys and several calls for sale. I was cleaning out my storage building and found the decoys. I've had the calls in my safe. The decoys are from Cabelas. I have probably 5 calls or so. Several different kinds. When I get a chance, Ill post pics.

  8. jbmobley

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    I will tote a strutter early in bow hunting KS and on the mississippi river and had great luck with it, course it's when the birds were still more wadded up.....

    I don't like carrying any more crap than i have to personally!