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  1. I have been thinking about getting a decoy. I have had a few hang up at around 400 yards and slowly walk in looking around for something making the noise. The closest they will come when they act like that is around 300-325 yards. So I have been thinking about getting a decoy. On days where the wind is blowing I just use an old arrow I have cut the fletchings off of. I drilled a small whole in it and put a fishing line swivel in it and on a turkey feather. Then I have a small peice of fishing string around 3.5in long ran inbetween them. It works great when the wind is blowing. BUT on days where there is little to no wind it helps none at all. So for those of you that use decoys. Which decoy do you use? Does it work good? Are they worth it or should I stick to my turkey feather? I appreciate the advice.
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    I would just use the feather. If you do want to buy one I would get the MoJo Critter.

  3. thanks B. Thats all I need to hear.