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  1. Been trying to decide for our next camping trip next June or July. Got it down to 2 places to go to. Petit Jean State Park or White Buffalo Resort. Sure would appreicate any feedback on either 2. Which one would have the best fishing spots? I will be taking my Scadden Madison River one man pontoon boat. Thanks
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    The White Buffalo is a nice place has a pool and the fishing can be excellent.. if you go there you might try fishing just below the shoals about 1/2 upstream from the boat launch... I have camped and fished the area several times.

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    Been to the White Buffalo several times and stayed in the cabins. Beautiful place. Fishing has been outstanding. Fly fishing when the water is low and using popcorn shrimp in the pools. Motor down below the cabins where the Buffalo comes into the White and motor up the Buffalo a little ways for an afternoon swim. This woul be my pick.
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    I'm going to say the White Buffalo because I've never been there, but have been to Petit Jean. :thumb:
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    Thanks for the replies. That settles it. Looks like we be headed to White Buffalo Resort.
    Can't wait to get up there. Ready to wet a hook and relax.
    Thanks to all