Dead birds in Beebe

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by factory909, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. factory909

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    First thought that comes to mind is "end of the world is starting" but does anyone know anything yet?
  2. keeb

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    AGFC sent about 65 birds that died to some lab up in the northern part of the U.S. to get tested. They were claiming high altitude hail or lightning. Someone had said maybe it was the fireworks that disturbed the birds from their roost but there would be a lot more dead birds during the 4th of July.

  3. dsmtuner1

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    I would naturally of thought lightning myself. Apparently this has happened many times globally. So i figure weather related.
  4. flydown

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    Okay. There were no storms in the area and the birds were roosted. Lightening would have to strike directly and most likely would not scatter the birds over a one mile area.

    No there would not be a lot of dead birds on the fourth of July because the birds are not as concentrated then.
    The fireworks may have spooked the birds and they ran into each other trying to escape. Much like a crowd of people.
  5. thompson

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    Ok cross reference this with the thousands of dead fish they found in the Arkansas river as well....sounds like someone flew over with a toxic leak....who would be doing that??? Timber sprayers?? Power company??
  6. dsmtuner1

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    I mean how does someone know they were roosted? Maybe they were spooked first then in flight something happened? If you think the end of the world is coming cause a couple birds flew the coupe thats a little funny.
  7. thompson

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    The fish were mentioned on KATV this morning, no exact location.
  8. flydown

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    Do you see where I am from. I was actualy in that area at the time just before this happened. In fact, I looked directly to the area where the birds roost because I know that they roost there.

    I don't think that people are understanding how many birds roost in this area every evening. The number of birds that died does not even amount to a small fraction of the number of birds that were in the area. I would venture to guess that it was less that .01%. That would be less than one of every 10,000 birds that died.

    No, I do not think the end is coming. I just think that it is crazy that they are saying hail or lightening. I absolutely think that something spooked them and then something happened in flight. I believe they ran into each other.
  9. I seen a video with some still alive, those birds were sick! I dont know, I guess we will have to wait for the results to come back?
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    Step one in a zombee appocolips. Lock and load.
  11. factory909

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    :up::up: great minds think alike!
  12. thompson

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    Reported finding a large flock dead in LA today as well. :shrug:
  13. bracomadar

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    I'm wondering if it could have been a microburst, or some kind of gust of wind that might have slammed these birds into the ground. I heard the weather wasn't bad when this happened, even though I've heard others said it could have been hail:shrug: I don't know if it had anything to do with it, but I know I've been sicker than a dog the past week. I live right on the Arkansas River too.
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  15. Have gun will travel

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    It's not just birds dropping

    I was shooting my bow in the backyard today and the arrows kept falling like rocks and hitting the ground before they covered the 20 yard distance to my target.

    Weird I tell ya
  16. MojoMan

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    The dead fish were on the Ar river in the Ozark area...Johnson co. A LONG ways from Beebe!
  17. bracomadar

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    Bird cult! That's what did it. It all makes sense now. I support this theory 110%. Last year, Arkansas gets earthquakes in areas where there shouldn't be earthquakes. A cult of birds just committed mass suicide over Beebe. Then a bunch of fish beach themselves on the banks of the Arkansas River. I watched that horrible 2012 movie WHILE IN ARKANSAS. I think it all adds up to one thing...the apocalypse is going to start in Arkansas. Great, now I gotta change my zombie apocalypse plan :banghead: