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DDD Dead Dog Down !

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Got up and man it was foggy this morning. I was at my first stand and seen some thing crawling in about 90 yards away. I never seen one crawl in before it was some thing to see BUT it took one to the cheast. I made 2 more stands and nothing but i am killing one a week so thats not to bad !:biggrin:
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Coyote22.250, I have never seen one crawl in like that but would like to see it. I expect it was extremely wary from being called in before or, if you were using coyote vocalizations, may have been afraid of a whipping? In any case, he won't have to worry about either of those things any longer! Nice job! Steve/"Dermott"
Man it was werid to see but thats what makes it interesting and fun !
congrats. I would have loved to see that
Congratulations! I would love to have a 1 per week average.
Aaahh he looks so peaceful besides for the dead part! Whoot! whoot! DDD! Good Job!
She is the smallest one other than the pups i killed back in jully and august But she is the prettyest one ! If there is such a thing . LOL
Good job. Keep a killin!
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