dc 20 vs dc 30 vs dc 40

Discussion in 'Huntin' Dogs' started by kwackwacker809, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. kwackwacker809

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    Was wondering wat the better package to buy is. I've got a friend looking to buy a new system with the 40 but can get one with a 30 for hundred dollars less which would be better? Also would the 20 be a good unit to put on the straps of cut vest?
  2. walker34

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    What kind of dog/hunting are you wanting it for? If you are a bird hunter then the DC20 will do fine. If you are a coonb hunter you want the 30 or 40. I have the 30 and they do great. The 40 is suppost to be faster, but I have no trouble out of my 30's. I am a coon hunter and I can track my dog anywhere. Hope this helps.

  3. arc3162

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    I use the 30 as well on my coon dogs. I have rarely ever lost signal of them out to around 2 miles in the mountains. I wouldn't recommend a 20 for a coon hound or hog dog simply because they are easier to rip off in the brush. Doesn't happen very often but once in a while the dogs will hit on a coon that wants to stretch out and run or on a bobcat that bounces trees for a couple of miles. The dogs can be 2 miles out before a cat can lick his butt and I can always tell where they are at.

    Another nice thing about the hand held unit. I am assuming the Garmin Astro, is the maps you can get with it. I hunt in the same area quite a bit and every time my dogs end up at a den tree I mark in on the map. The U.S. Topo map is a great buy in my opinion, marks most of the county and forest service roads on the map as well as gives elevations and landmarks.
  4. kwackwacker809

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    He is wanting it for hog dogs. We use mine right now but me going to be gone duck hunting and coon hunting until the end of January he was wanting to buy his own. I have two DC 30 but was mainly wanting to know if the DC 40 was actually worth the extra $100 and if the 20 would be very good for putting on the straps of cut vest to keep it from getting busted up from boars. Cause one of my DC 30 has deep cuts in it and have had to replace the collar straps from getting cut
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    I have the 1-30 and 1-40. the only difference is the 40 has a good collar and the 30 you will need to replace the collar with a Day glow collar( will cost you 15 dollars). No difference in range or anything else. Go with the 30 package and save the $100. Garmin does not even claim that the 40 is a better collar just that it does not have the gps on the collar (it's built in) and it's easer to charge that is it.
  6. stay away from the 40s, I dont know what is going on with them but in the hills they are not even close to the 30s