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    David Lee has deciced to forego Ole Pizz and go Directly Back to the NFL...at Miami ...

    I wonder if HDN thinks it was all worth it for 1 season to have brought back David Lee... Effectively Benching Malzahn and eventual His demise as HC of the Razorbacks... :smack:
  2. Probably :biggrin: Arkansas did set an offensive record this year under DL. I think the law suits, the banners, black shirts and ultimately the 4 losses when we should have been a contender for the SEC West was the demise for Nutt. Malzhan had nothing to do with it.:rolleyes: He was not here and had nothing to do with the wins or losses. If he had stayed would it have made a difference. No, because Nutt would have still let David Lee call the shots. I don't know why some of yall are still talking about GM. He is his history. The South lost the War. Joe Gibbs is retiring. Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer are retired. The sun comes up tomorrow.:smack:

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    How about if DL had never came back to Arkansas ..HDN wasnt such a dirt bag and let OHC Malzahn 's offense take us to a 11-1 season and instead of LSU it might be Arkansas.... Thats how I see it Could have been ...And Nutt is a Arkansas HERO with a NC 1st Arkansas History...
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    david lee is no longer with the razorbacks. better watch out or the thead police will make you move this to the sports section.
  5. Here is what I think. I think you need to quit living in the past and get up to speed in the present. We have Bobby Petrino as HC with a new staff that is going to bring us some exciting Razorback football. This will be my last breath on Gus Malzahn unless he becomes part of the coaching staff for the Razorbacks at some point in the future.:dead: :bolt:
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    Malzahn is in Tulsa.
    Nutt at Ole Miss.
    Lee's headed to Miami.
    Football's over except the senior all-star games.
    Basketball season is here and the Hogs are looking good headed into conference play.
    And I believe if Arkansas had won the NC it would have been the 2nd in Arkansas history. :thumb:
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    ROUNDBALL...Bring on Auburn..:up:

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    I think someone may be a GM hater????
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    Miami must be DESPERATE for a QB coach to hire Lee...
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    I think youre wrong.

    Between his hiring and Mustain signing the fans thought that we were going to finally get a high powered passing game.

    By the time both of them left we knew that Nutt had lied to us and never planned to open up the offense and that caused alot of the fans that had supported Nutt until then to turn against him.

    I saw David Lee's game plan for the Cotton Bowl.

    If you want to give him credit for being some kind of offensive genius then you can but I must have been watching a different game.
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    I think Malzhan got his chance against USC and after we get stomped HN took thinhgs into his own hands. Whether that was a good thing or a bad thing is debatable.

    Can't agree with you more about David Lee, apparently that performance at the Cotton Bowl didn't factor into him being hired at Miami. I guess his prior work with the Cowboys must of had something to do with it, I don't know!
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    he gets a lot of credit for the success of tony romo. maybe he can work his magic on cleo lemon.
  13. F B

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    Got his chance against USC?

    You mean the one series where they ran the spread and scored the touchdown?
  14. millennium man

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    No I am talking about the rest of the game when we got punched in the mouth 50 to 14. So I guess your saying GM only called the plays when we scored?
  15. possum

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    Gus really couldn't do anything about the 50 USC put on them. Need to visit with Mr. Herring about that.:biggrin:
  16. millennium man

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    That is true Possum our defense looked awful but we did play offense too!
    Could have at least made it 50-35 something respectable. Didn't one of our two touchdowns come off special teams are defense? I can't remember or maybe I am trying to forget!
  17. possum

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    I don't really know but I can only remember the one offensive TD myself.
  18. millennium man

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    Yeah I do remember MM coming in for the first time and marching us down the field for a score (very impressive) I thought at that time he was definetly the man, then he came back on the next series and threw a pic. Still I was very impressed with how he played early. Thats what brought out my comments in the other thread, he would have one series that he looked great and then he would come right back on the next series and throw the ball right to the defender. Most likely cause he was a freshman, but I still think in 06 when Nutt pulled him toward the end of the season that CD was playing
    more consistent. I don't think you can use consistent and CD in the same sentence this year unless it was consistently bad.
  19. We lost 5 games this year. If you had to pick just one factor of why that happened which one would you pick.
    1) Casey Dick.(Personally I don't like singling out an individual player when it's a team sport but there seems to be a lot of post on his lack of skills.)
    2) Bad defense. Could not stop the other team from scoring when we had the lead late in the 4'th qtr.
    3) Special teams
    4) Offense could not put the points on the board.

    I know that a lot of the losses were combinations of the above but for just one reason, I would say our Defense was our main weak link to the 5 loses.
  20. :smack: Mizzou just scored again and set yet another Cotton Bowl scoring and rushing record.

    Hey man, pass me that joint. I got to go in next series.