Daughters first deer season question

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Buckshot04, Sep 13, 2017.

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    This coming season will be my daughters first year to be able to shoot and I have been working with her on it to get her good and ready. My question is a lot of the time with my 22 she has a lot of trouble getting/understanding how to get the whole view in the scope so she can see the crosshairs good. Any advice? I thought of ordering her a good quality red dot to hunt with to make it easier for her. She has been hunting with me several times just this will be the first time she will be the one trying to shoot.
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    I just figured out time behind the scope was the best thing, another thing i figured out with her was to get her comfortable, so she didnt have to fight with the gun.....just the scope. She will figure the rest out pretty quick, they are like sponges at that age, if they are really interested in something. Mine loves to shoot, like 50-60 rds outta the single shot cricket in the evenings.
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    I cant wait til i can show her how much fun skeet shootin is, they have a team at her school, and i hope she wants to shoot for them someday.
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    Thanks I'll just keep working with her, she really enjoys it and loves to hunt so I guess the rest will fall in to place.
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    Mine had the same issues . While we was in the stand I would get her to aim at rabbits, corn piles the feeder anthikg to practice while we was out there .
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    Shooting more is the best thing obviously, but practice with any kind of gun is beneficial. Dont overlook bb guns or even toy dart guns in the house. Anything that helps learning to point where you're looking.
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  7. ArkansasBandit

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    My boy was having that problem too when he first started. I took a piece of paper and a pencil and started drawing. Drew how it should look and how it shouldn't. Let him look at the house and then carried it with me the next time we shot. When he figured out where he needed to out his head on the stock I just stuck a little piece of duct tape on there at the corner of his cheek. So essentially he had a kisser button until he got used to it.
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    Eye relief on a scope, (the way I understand it lol...) is the same no matter what eyeball is peering into it. When Ryno was a pup, I had figured out that the eye relief on the gun he was shooting was about three of my fingers away from the scope. I would place my fingers there and he would ease up until his forehead touched my fingers and he would be there. Hope this helps...
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    All of my kids (12, 10, and 7) use a bushnell shotgun scope with the circle redicle on their 243's. They don't have any issues. It still has crosshairs, but with a circle in the middle. I just tell them to put the target (deer shoulder) in the circle and squeeze. As Browning said, the eye relief is the issue and the shotgun scope seems to help with that.
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    Keep in mind that her position relative to the scope as she shoulders the gun will likely be different than yours and she may need the scope eye relief to be adjusted for her position. The gun needs to be set up for her possibly. (I had this same problem with one of my husband's guns...my natural position put me further from the scope and made it difficult to look through the scope properly)
  11. JB Weld

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    Good advice here. It took my girl a little bit to figure out how to consistently get a good sight picture. Rounds down range was what did it. I also got her a pop up groundhog target (told her it was a squirrel). She loves shooting it. We have had to repaint a bunch of times. I think what Pumpkinseed said about a BB gun is good advice too. That can be done in any backyard.

    Also, we used toy animals to practice visualizing where to shoot based on body position. She killed her first deer last year. After she made the shot, I was asking her all these questions about where she aimed. She looked at me and said, "Don't worry daddy, that is a dead deer". She was right.
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  12. JohnnieWalker

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    My boy was 6 last year and we went through the same thing y'all are going through now. I had him move his cheek forward and backward on the stock until he could see the "whole scope" he calls it. Practiced a lot with a .22 and his .243 before season. He's a better shot than his daddy now. To hear him tell it!

    This was the only deer he shot at last year. Broadside at 50 yards. You'd have thought I killed it judging by who was smiling bigger when we walked up on it. Just keep your daughter moving her cheek back and forth on the stock and she'll see what you're talking about. Good luck! It's going to be a fun season.

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    Here is something cheap to try, get a piece of pipe insulation large enough to go over the scope. Cut it at the right length and angle for her to put her eye right up to the insulation. If properly done it'll be a clear view of the scope everytime. Trigger time on that .22 will pay huge dividends too!