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    Thought I would share a kill on here. Been a few weeks since it was killed. Anyone think its a genetic condition cause i've seen several with only one horn on one side. This is a deer i passed up last year cause he was broken off on one side. Thought he would grow it back but decided to cull from the herd. Hard to tell but there are 5 legal points thats 1" or longer on the right side and a long spike on the left. But if you go by the ring method there might be 3 pts on the left. I can't seem to kill normal deer. I see'em just never killem. I kill the ones with character. I posted up some past ones to show the character i find when hunting. Seems like we have lots of odd deer and always find them.
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    As far as you killing weird deer...."Birds of a feather will flock together".:wink:

    Those are odd horned deer. I'm no expert, but if you are seeing more than 1 like that, it must be in the genes. I'd say take them out of the herd when you can. I've heard guys talking on here about seeing bucks with no brow tines in their areas year after year.

    We saw a dandy buck in Kansas a few years ago that appeared to be broke up on one side, but my buddy got a good look at him, could have shot him easily, but that one antler was slick and clean. This was a mature 18" buck.

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    This was my year in Wilmar, AR. These were killed one day and well over a mile apart. You can't tell by the pic but the rack on the left has a crab claw on it's right side just like the rack on the right.
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    Seeing more & more deer that look like that one in this area nowdays, nice uniform racks with multiple points on 1 side and a big old spike on the other. Getting a deer with a normal rack is getting to be far & few between. Years ago hardly ever saw deer with these type of screwed up horns. Nowdays there is no telling what kinda freak rakes you are liable to see. 3 weeks ago I had 4 bucks come by chasing a doe & all 4 of the bucks looked just like the one in the photo with one exception, none of the 4 had 3 legal points on 1 side. The reason I think is most likely showing up more nowdays than before is these type were shot before they got to the age where it really showed up but as time moves forward it's is getting to be more the norm than the exception as these type are allowed to live longer to pass on their gene's while the better bucks are being killed off leaving this type to get a free pass to do more breeding.