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    Where in Dagmar is Mud Slough GTR located? I see on the quad map that mud slough runs through the middle of the north section. I would assume that the area to the south of there is the GTR and is all flooded timber right now. Correct? Thanks for the help!
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    You gotter Dude!!!!!:thumb: Well worth the trip in there. Trust me!!!!:rolleyes:

    The Greentree area that floods is about 800 acres, G&F reports say 100% flooded, but in real life only about half really is. There is a little timber flooded, but for the most part it is buck brush & thick buck brush at that!

    Not to worry though, went yesterday & there was only 72 vehicles parked there hunting, or should I say trying to hunt the 450 acres that is really flooded. That's only 1 group per every 6.5 acres!:smack:

    Dang place was covered up with OOS hunters. We didn't even go hunting very long. We made a real short trip out of it because there was people packed on top of people. By 7:30 we had only saw a dozen ducks total & after that it was death silence as far as the ear could hear the only action was people running from one place to another. The sound of Go_Devil motors blarring, outboards reving up when they jump logs & hit cyprus knee's. Well you get the idea!

    So when we came out we decided to see where all of these well mannered duck slayers was from just for fun. Out of the 72 vehicles we only saw 8 with Arkie tags. The rest, 21 from South Carolina, 15 from Georiga, 14 from Alabama, 10 from Tennessee, 2 from Florida & 2 all the way from Minnesota!

    I know it is public land, but give me a break! This is a state owned WMA, not a re-treat for Out of Staters! I know we have all been saying this for a long time, But something has to be done! This is getting totally out of hand!:mad:

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    Sounds like the wildlife officers need to keep a close check on Dagmar.
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    sad part is, that pretty much describes every wma in arkansas. i hunt nimrod and petit jean some and see trucks from TEXAS hunting there. i really can't comprehend driving from very far away much less from texas to hunt those mudholes. i have to drive 60-75 miles to hunt there and 95% of the time wonder why i make that drive:smack:
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    You would think so but the funny thing about that is we have not saw not one single Greenjean's at all! I guess being there are so few locals still hunting everyone left are OOS hunter and they have to be 100% legal and not worth the effort!:bs:
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    As long as they're properly licensed, I suppose they have every right to be there. I can remember growing up when all the folks out of Memphis would come over and I really didn't like it. Don't really know why I didn't like it---they leased the land. Last year was the first time in 25-30 years that I duck hunted. Bought the stamps and went 1 time. Didn't fire a shot. I'm still wanting to go sometime this year, but I can't stay out of the deer stand long enough.
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    That's why there are no Greenjean's to patrol all these OSS'er's! They are too busy chasing all you outlaw's who are still up in a tree!!!!!!:poke:

    All jokes aside, I still have a tag left & I think I am going to devolt my efforts back to filling it! Maybe I will not have someone from out of state try to climb up in the same tree with me or at least I hope not!:rolleyes:
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    I have to give credit to a guy from Arizona for helping me recover the first deer I ever killed with a compound bow. I had set up early, and at daylight he came in and got in a stand very near me. I could see him in the stand, but he didn't have a clue that I was nearby. An hour or so into the hunt some does came by and I shot one of them. He told me later that he thought he heard someone shoot, but didn't know where it was. As I got out of my stand he saw me, came over, apologized for coming in on top of me, but proceeded to help me find my deer. I'm glad he did, because I didn't have much of a clue---young and stupid I guess. (Yeah, I know, now I'm old and stupid!:smack: )The guy was a rep from Ben Pearson or one of the other archery companies. Anyway, we recovered the deer and I was a very happy young man! So, I guess not all out of staters are bad. I'm glad this one came my way, just wish I knew who he is today. This happened at Wattensaw about 30 years ago and I still like to go and hunt that same spot.
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    Sorry, this has nothing to do with Dagmar, but I once saw a vehicle with ALASKA tags at Bayou Meto!!!! :smack:
  10. Might be the same guy that I knew. He was in the Air Force and had those Alaska Tags on his car even though he was stationed in Jacksonville.:rolleyes: