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    hey everyone i just moved to marion,ar from hope,ar this past fall and i hunted st francis wma this season and of course had bad run ins with people and them being protective and what no so i have been looking around for wma's and am thinking of dagmar wma. has anyone on here hunted it before, what's it like, how much pressure does it recieve i'm not asking for directions to your secret spot casue i'm a true arkansan that knows the power of secrets just a little info...

    i will probably get a field lease or join a club but i'm mainly looking for a new source of flooded timber in case i don't get into one if any of you have any other ideas closer to marion i'm welcome to here it just as long as its within hour or so
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    crowded when the ducks are there. water fluctuates so do the ducks. hunted there once this past season and couldn't get away from people. almost as bad as the metro. I just won't hunt like that anymore cause it takes the fun out of it.

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    The G & F weekly waterfowl report claimed 100% flooded, LIES, LIES, NOTHING BUT LIES, more people than water!!! :mad:
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    Do not go into the big woods without a compass and gps. Compass for sure. We ride about 40 minutes in when the water is right and there aint no boat trails. Just trees. Thats all I've got.
  6. When the water is right Dagmar can be as good as it gets. It does, however get awful crowded sometimes. It really depends on the water level. If we could keep the out of state hunters from skybusting every woodie that flies by then dagmar could be a good place to hunt. Same as every other WMA in the state........
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    Oh yeah, there's some sort of fuss about a silly peckerwood in them there parts!!! :smack: :head: :dontknow: :poke: :rip:
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    well, maybe they meant flooded with people. lol:razz: