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  1. Well, our OC decided to quits on us...SO...we put in the inverted wishbone offense from last year......won 15-7 in grind game....WE are a work in progress on offense and we had a kid suffer a concussion after he laid a big hit on a ball carrier.....Hope we got the ship floating in the right direction....
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  2. Well, we didn't do so well this season....seeded #4 in the playoffs and facing a tough team offensively...They have a very good passing attack and managed to do some business on us the previous game....hoping for a win....wish us luck

  3. Don't even want to talk about the way our football season ended right now....On a lighter note, the ladies got it done on Saturday[​IMG]
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  4. In 22 years of coaching I have never seen anything like I witnessed last night. The officiating crew had no regard for player safety and didn't probably monitor the game. With 4 seconds left with first and goal to go for WYLIE UNITED....our quarterback is tackled by the facemask and hits the turf hard. As he is lying on the turf screaming in pain. The officials did not signal the coaches, stop the clock or anything. But merely stood around in a circle...We eventually got to the young man and tested for a concussion and had Emergency services look at him. He was carted off and the game was called....There's NO part of me that wanted to quit but safety first. Guys tried to smile thru the tears...some of my guys couldn't be consoled as they are 6th graders playing their last game of recreational league football.....I'm tremendously proud of these guys and I look forward to seeing what the future holds. My commitment to the organization by my own words was until I move away or get an offer to work on the collegiate level....which may not be far off as a good friend and colleague is now the head coach of UTSA....Lol.....


    We started off 0-3 & rattled off a bunch of wins with the toughest schedule in the league and came within minutes of going to the championship......I feel as though I left a lot of work undone as we didn't have any film study sessions or classroom sessions....this team was made up of 5th and 6th graders as well as kids with varying football experience.......my son played well but wasn't tried much as everyone knows what happens when you do.....He has got to get better at run support....my idea of better is just as you don't allow any completions, you should come up solid and protect the edges......IF he finally gets back to being a tackling machine with his coverage skill he'll shake up things...He's debating whether or not to try out for a traveling spring football team....He would be a 5th grader competing for a spot on a 6th grade team...As you can see(#7, the LSU number of honor) is not very tall and not very big but is powerful and fearless but I don't know if he would make the team and practice would interfere with the hunting season....LOL......keep praying for us and we'll do the same....until next time.
  5. Well, this was the 1st time that my son and I have made an opening morning of the modern gun season....Also, the first time that Deacon Dunn and Deacon Thompson were able to make it as well. The little fellow put us to shame knocking down 2 deer....with the big .243....I started to let him hunt alone but decided against it....I'm sure glad we sat together....seen 8 deer total and got to witness a breeding party as well.....Great food and fellowship.....[​IMG]
    Having been a bit down about not making it to the championship....Glad I let go of my disappointment and enjoyed the entire experience....
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  6. My son collected his trophy, taking 2nd place[​IMG]

    Had our end of the year team party. Can't help feeling like we left meat on the bone. Not having film study and needing additional work in the secondary, QB and wide receivers.....maybe we can get a 7 on 7 team going[​IMG]
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  7. Also, I have been asked to coach again, however, in this new endeavor I'll be partnering with a non-profit organization that is run by current and former NFL PLAYERS. I am looking to expand my recruiting business while working in this organization. Please pray with us and for us, we'll do the same for you....
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  8. [​IMG][​IMG]
    As y'all know my son has been the in house athlete...As the girls have only done gymnastics up to this point. ..that was until Hunter and Harleigh showed talent in volleyball....and they took second place in the Christmas preseason tournament.... Hunter is a true court General and a fierce competitor....And know is being courted to play select basketball.....which we learned she could shoot the ball really well....Harleigh is playing up, she is the only 1st grader on a 3rd grade team....And is already ahead of some of the other players.....So now dad don't get anytime off.....LOL....Folks, send up some knee mail for my Dad as he's been having health issues as of late...Pray for us and we'll do the same and we'll talk atcha' later.
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  9. Back into rabbit hunting since deer season is over...LOL
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  12. Well the Lord, God has blessed us real good. We've travelled down to the Gulf coast for spring break[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Rodeo, NASA, Galveston island, Museum of science [​IMG][​IMG]

    and the Aquarium....weather hasn't been the best for fishing
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  13. Well the turkey hunting ain't going as planned, only got a single hunt in and the birds were silent.....track season is on the way and my son is ALMOST ready....MY girls ended the spring volleyball season by winning the regular season title and losing in the conference tournament championship game....Our cousin, RJ, RW3 to everyone else called it a career. Really pained him to do so but it was the right decision.
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Well track and football are underway again....and we are praying for a safe and successful season
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