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    My cousin found this one somewhere.....LOL.... He and I have always loved hunting
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    I love that camo. It looks about two sizes to big.

  3. It was cold and mom tried to make sure I stayed warm....LOL
  4. Well, football season has NOT gone as anticipated, great group of guy's...... Poorly narrow sighted in terms of talent allocation and team construction.... I work in my usual advisiory position, however, that advice has fallen on deaf ears. I know that failure is a part of creating a successful program. But, repeating the same process over and over and expecting the a different result is the definition of insanity. Talent evaluation is not a simple process and uncovering an individuals talent is not simple. And cultivating it is far more difficult. For instance, someone realized Jerome Bettis was a running back and not a offensive lineman.... Also, someone realized Cam Newton was a Qb and not a Defensive end..... I believe that each person has a football talent, from being a 3rd string QB to being a punter or a WR or a RB..... Each person has an untapped talent, my job is find it and maximize it for the benefit of the team.... Oh well, possibly the ramblings of an old coach will be understood one say....LOL.... We ain't had many birds for dove and teal season. I due make opening day, seen 4 deer and could've taken a big Nanny but I got sloppy and got busted moving..... Novice mistakes.....LOL.....
  5. Also, one of my babies came to Christ and got Baptized, what a hallelujah good time.... The girls are starring in volleyball, soccer and basketball.... Dad don't get days off....LOL[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]