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"D" Loops

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Does everybody shoot "D" loops? I shot my first one this past weekend, and I don't feel comfortable with it. What are the pros and cons to shooting a "D" loop?
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I have them on both my bows the only thing I noticed was when I drew back at first it seemed the spoiler which has a little longer draw length than the Matthews. It affected my shooting at first.
My groups were alot better when I switched to a D loop several years ago. It allows you to pull from directly behind the arrow instead of below which put downward pressure and nock pinch on the arrow. You also have less sideways torque on your string when releasing. You want one tied very short. Just enough that you have room behind your arrow nock for your release. If you have it short you wont fell that you are overdrawn. The only downfall I have seen was trying to hook up the release to the loop while having buck fever with a good buck closing in fast. You will get used to it though. I buy about a foot of cord or more and practice tying it on another bow so I can figure out the right length I need that best suits me.
I have a metal one on my mathews. I like it fine.
Think of it this way when you draw your bow your creating a vertical 'V' for a lack of a better term. Most people I know that don't shoot a loop place their release below the nock so this places the arrow on the upper side of the point of this 'V' and actually pulls the string form the throat of the nock and the shorter ATA the bow the worse this is. With the loop you have a drawing point both above and below the nock which creates a flat in the bottom of this 'V' leaving the nock square to the string. As for con's....something else that could break, could be difficult to find in the moment of truth (never been a problem personally, it makes me look down and catch my breath), you may have to shorten the draw length of the bow. The pro's....I think it makes the bow easier to tune, more consistent arrow flight, extends the life of the serving, it also allows you to let down without the arrow falling of the string.

It all comes down to what your comfortable with. People shot bows for a many of year without the loop and it worked just fine and still does today.
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Good dissertation by Possum. I'll add serving preservation to the list of pro's. My release ate up servings before I went to a D loop. Now my serving outlasts my string. :biggrin:

Use 'em, they will improve your shooting:up:
Thanks guys, I appreciate the information.
better shooting and longer life of serving

The better shooting part is right on the money. But I actually switched because I suck at reserving the string. I can swap out a loop in a few minutes if it gets worn or if I'm uncomfortable with the knot. They do shorten your draw length and ANY accessory on your string can slow your arrow speed down a fps or two, but they're on my bows and they're not coming off. Make sure to keep the original loop as small as possible. Once you shoot it a few times, it will pull tight and the loop will be a little bigger.
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