cutting out trees?

Discussion in 'Habitat Management' started by turkey pond bucks, Dec 17, 2010.

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    I have been thinking about cutting out some small trees. I only have 30 acres and it consist mostly of draws with a few areas of thick stuff. I know you have to have the thick stuff so I deffinatly wont mess with that!! but what I am wanting to do is cut alot of the small cedar and hickory trees out so the oaks can grow out and also let more natural brows grow on the floor but I have a problem with cutting trees!! I just dont like to do it I worry that it is going to disturbe the area to the point that the deer will not want to come through it in the day this area has about a acre food plot that joins up to it.

    Any info will help.
  2. Mule man

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    I wish I could cut every cedar on my place. I've cut a bunch of them, let them dry some and then controll burned it. It is starting to clear the forest floor. It has to be better for wildlife.

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    Burn it ever couple of years - if you have brush put you a few small plot in and feed the yellow gold. My place was wide open mature woods when I bought it - very few deer. Had it selective cut took out a lot of hickory, ash and some red oak - took very few White Oak . Now I have some pretty good thickets - and quite a few deer - Wait til about February and torch the place. Cedar is some darn good cover