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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Nat1, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Nat1

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    My cable and Internet bill is outrageous and am seriously considering cutting cable out all together. I know about HuLu and Netflix and a few other things like that but I don't watch a lot of movies or sitcoms.My main concern is sporting events.Just wondering if any of you guys have stuck it to the cable company and what you are doing now for sports,news,and general entertainment.Thanks fellas.
  2. Passthrough

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    I cut my Comcast bill from $150 to $80 by callin to shut off service. They won't give you deals if you ask for them, it's not until you say "ok then I want to cancel" that suddenly the manager gets on with a great discount. I pay $80 for cable and high speed Internet

  3. Nat1

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    Yea I got a "customer loyalty discount" that was 20 bucks off each bill for six months by doing that.
  4. muleheaded

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    I built my HD antenna out of some scrap copper and parts i had in the shop. Between abc, nbc, cbs and pbs i get 10 digital HD channels. That is more than i really need to choose from. I spend $0 / month and like it very much. I can think of tons of other stuff i'd rather spend a couple grand a year on... You wouldn't believe the profit margin in satellite based television. Ain't plannin' on helpin' those liberals get any richer.
  5. Pokey

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    The wife and I haven't had cable since 2007, and we don't miss it a bit. We've talked about maybe getting dish or something, but never have, and really don't miss the bill.
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    I cut our satellite down as cheap as it will go and lost espn. If you have wifi you can go to and watch all the BCS bowl games. I hook the laptop up to the tv and it is a pretty good picture and it doesn't cost anything if you have Internet. There are tons I sporting events on espn3.
  7. Bad Company

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    We cut our cable and I don't miss a single sporting event. Like okie said Espn3 is the best option, but if its not on espn3 you can go to and if its sports and its on tv somewhere, it will be on this website. Over the air antenna is a great option to. We have a $2 dollar antenna I got at the Liquidation outlet and I get NBC,CBS,ABC,FOX and PBS. All for free.

    If enough people start cutting the cable, they will lower prices to get all us back. I can honestly say I will never get cable back though until they give you the option to pay for the channels you want and not give you an all or nothing selection. I want ESPN, Outdoor channel, AMC, Discovery and thats it.
  8. If not for my wife I would shut off TV altogether. We didn't have any TV by choice when God sent our children. For the first 5 years they didn't have the influence, and we always found plenty to do.

    I wish I could ditch all electronics. After years on the PC etc. I've grown electron saturated.

    Like the song album says, what were once vices are now habits.