Cut down Vs. Arkansas Style

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  1. Im from up north and it sounds like most of you guys on this site prefer cut down calls (Olt, Black Ops) rather than arkansas style calls (RNT, Echo, Zink, etc) i am just wondering what the major differences are as far as running the call and sound. Any advice/information is appreciated.
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    Cut down is much more ducky. Where a Arkansas is more u can call ducks or get on stage not saying Arkansas don't work just that the cut down makes the noise live ducks make

  3. CutDown

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    IMO an Olt / DFB @ full volume still sounds like a duck.... The others at full volume do not.... You can be very loud and aggressive with a cutdowm and not lose any duck sounds....
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    They are both J frame calls such in turn is arkie style !!

    No one really knows the origin of the cut down , the boys up on the Il river valley started manipulating them out of nesecity for volume to break migrators in the river .
    The P.S olt was the most readily aavalibel call at the time .

    As far as our cut and style , Lester Capps is the father !! He also started manipulating his call in need of volume .

    However with all the advances in the calling world there are several calls out there with a full range and offer everything a cut down call can .

    The cut down craze has just hit in the last couple of years . There was a time I could tell you dam near every olt blower in the lower and the upper .

    A cut down in the right hands is as deadly a duck killing tool known to man !!

    They all work , IF you know how to use them :cool::up:
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    For years, all you ever heard was to call softer in the timber. Now, all you hear is to try and blow the acorns out of the trees. Are we dealing with a new strain of ducks that are hard of hearing? I'm confused. :confused:
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    The cutdown craze hits every ten years or so, internet gives it staying power..
  7. What are the other calls that work similar to olt or dfb
  8. duinbb

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    A stiff set daisey cutter , JJ lares it can be done with a haydel red leg !!

    I'm not about to break down the anatomy of why and how a cut down works !! BUT I will say this , it's as much about the style as it is the call :cool:

    Lester could take pretty much any duck call and blow his lick !! It's a style , knowing how and when to use it way more than it is a call :up:
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    I think you can put more inflection and tones into say, a RNT than you can those Olt style calls. Everyone I've ever seen that likes them uses the same 4 or 5 note hail call and maybe some quacks. As far as the "duckiness" I guess you could say a cut-down sounds like A duck, but with Arkansas duck calls I feel like one can sound like different ducks. Let's not forget that often times ducks don't even sound quite like ducks. Everyone claims their cut-down "breaks the necks" of these mallards. Ok? That may be true enough, but I "break necks" with my RNT. It's all in knowing not only how to call but when to call and at what volume.
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    X2 :clap::clap:
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    Its all personal preference. I don't have the lungs for a cut I gotta be good with what i got.

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    It won't be long and there will be a new design of duck call coming out that are so loud we'll have to have ear plugs to use it. A few years back, hardly anybody was using cut down calls, only few people. Now i see one on everybodys lanyard. And i believe the ducks don't respond to them as well as they did 3-5 years ago. Just my opinion.
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    good answer
  14. I can make all the noise a duck makes with my Echo timber and Meat Hanger it just takes practice .
  15. With proper air control you can still keep the duck on top of the steepest Highball .

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    Echo makes a fine call, more people should use them.
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    Echo makes a fine call and are real ducky. If your in private timber or a private field that's your best bet to sound ducky. If your in a popular wma you Better sound like the biggest duck circus within a mile or you'll lose ducks. I witnessed the shutting down of the woods with olts NO ONE shot anything close to us..... We got 10 limits. Say what ya want but I know I'll roll with the most cut down callers I can get in a group.
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    None that I have heard....

    I would love to hear different though.....
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