Custom Silverado Pickup

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    My father in law passed away in September and his family is going to sell his truck.

    This isnt your average pickup.

    Its a 2004 Silverado LT 1500 2wd Extended Cab that has been customized by Southern Comfort Conversions. The engine is a Vortec 5300 V8. Automatic transmission.

    I think they told me it had just over 118,000 miles on it but Im not positive on that.

    The truck listed for $33,445.00 and the conversion was an additional $11, 665.00.

    They're asking $17,000 but Im pretty sure theyll deal a little bit.

    It can be seen at my sister in law's house in Beebe. She's the executor of his estate and the one youll have to deal with or ask any questions other than what I put in this post. She doesnt want her address/phone number posted on the Internet so if youre interested PM me and Ill put you in touch with her.