current Vortex scope inventory 11-29-12

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    It's been awhile since ive done a inventory update so I guess its about time. As always everything is priced at the minimum and I will price match any price, aswell as ship for free on most scopes.



    6-24 ffp/mil
    6-24 sfp/moa
    6-24 sfp/mil

    4-16 ffp/moa
    4-16 ffp/mil
    4-16 sfp/moa
    4-16 sfp/mil

    2.5-10 sfp/moa
    2.5-10 sfp/mil

    1-4 exposed turret moa
    1-4 capped turret moa

    Viper HS

    4-16x50 bdc
    4-16x44 bdc
    4-16x44 plex
    2.5-10x44 bdc

    Viper 30mm

    6.5-20x50 mil
    6.5-20x50 bdc
    6.5-20x50 plex
    6.5-20x44 mil
    6.5-20x44 bdc

    viper 1 inch

    4-12x40 bdc
    3.5-10x50 bdc
    3-9x40 bdc


    4-12x40 ao/bdc
    4-12x40 bdc
    4-12x40 plex
    3.5-10x50 bdc
    3-9x40 bdc
    2-7x35 bdc
    1.75-5 bdc

    crossfire 2

    I have all of them
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    Looks like my work computer wont let me access your site. What's your price on that Diamondback 2-7x35?

    I bought those ViperHD binos before hunting season, and I love those things. Vortex is some good stuff. I bought mine at the Cabelas grand opening, and the Swarovski rep was trying to get me to buy his brand. He said, "Well, if you're going top of the line, you're talking Swarovski, Vortex, and Meopta." So I bought some $600 binos that he considers "comparable" to his $2,000 binos... DONE DEAL!

  3. 42769vette

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    My website is down until atleast christmas. I take orders threw email, pm, or phone call 765-580-0986

    I hear this alot, im all the time being ask "does vortex make the best optics in the world. The answer for most (not all) purposes is no they do not, But compare them to anything out there in its price range and the Vortex product is a home run. On your binos your comparing a 600ish dollar set (I have plenty of those aswell) to a 2000 dollar set and the swaro would have edged out the vortex's by a nose. But throw the razor hd's up at 1200ish against a 2000 dollar set of swaros and most people (that dont already have their mind made up before the test in favor of swaro) will call the razor the winner or a tie.

    pm sent on diamondback pricing