Curious deer

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  1. I don't know if I can post this, but this is a small deer from a friends cam in Iowa. I just thought I would share it. It was cute

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    cool pic, them close ups are cool pics, ive had a few close ups and even had some coons pull the sticks out from behind my camera and had my camera pointed straight up before:smack:

  3. Oh no! Coons and squirrels are such pests lol!
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    Have a close up of a bear looking at the camera like that...the next pics were of the top of trees. =) Guess he was trying to take it home to his family
  6. Awe haha. He wanted family photos :biggrin:
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    Curious deer in North Arkansas. The camera was sitting on the ground at the base of a tree.

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    That is the cutest pic of a deer, EVER. The tongue just makes the whole thing.
  9. I love your pics!
    And yes, the tongue just makes it better :razz:
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    I like the deer in the back. Like it's on the lookout saying "Hurry up! I think someone's coming!"

    And thank you :)
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    I had a doe come up right to my cam giving it a close look